Post-it Note manufacturer 3M announced Thursday it would partner with Evernote, a tech company helping users store notes and Web clippings in the cloud, to bring the yellow stickies into the digital age.

The two are co-releasing a Post-it Note Camera feature for Apple phones and devices, with which users can photograph handwritten notes and archive them on Evernote’s searchable, cloud-based platform.

The partnership could help 3M bridge the gap between hard-copy and digital information storage, said Jesse Singh, 3M’s vice president of stationary and office supplies.

“For quick thought capture, [hand]writing is still very relevant. We think as this relationship expands, writing on a Post-it Note can become more of the de facto way of getting information captured on a digital form.”

But he added, “in a decade, it’s hard to predict” if people will still be handwriting notes.

Evernote chief executive Phil Libin said he hopes to tap into 3M’s global customer base.

“It’s a great way for us to further go mainstream,” he said in an interview. “People who buy Post-It Notes are the ultimate customer. . .people predisposed to note taking, writing things down, organizing themselves.”

The cloud company launched a “Smart Notebook” product with notebook manufacturer Moleskine last year, helping users scan and archive pages using iPhones, iPads and other devices.

The Evernote team has been developing the Post-it camera for about nine months, tailoring the software to recognize the dimensions of 3M’s stationary and organizing them by color, according to Libin. Though the product works better with 3M’s notes, it recognizes any piece of paper, Libin explained.

Starting Thursday, Post-it Notes emblazoned with Evernote’s logo will be sold in office supply distributors in the U.S., with a free 30-day subscription to Evernote’s premium offering. A basic version of Evernote is available for free.

The two companies will split revenue from co-branded products, Singh said.