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Glassdoor's list has a few perennial favorites

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The Best Places to Work data provide many insights to what is happening in the workplace.

One intention the framers had when creating the U.S. Constitution was to “provide for the common defense.” But who shoulders that duty has not always been so clear.

Porterfield will succeed Walter Isaacson, the best-selling author who has been the institute's president and chief executive since 2003.

How we reached a Donald Trump presidency

The final episode of the Presidential podcast is all about division and union.

Barack Obama and the search for identity

Political adviser David Axelrod and biographer David Maraniss discuss how Obama's personal life story has influenced his presidency.

When George W. Bush changed course

The newest episode of the Presidential podcast examines how Bush's presidency marked the beginning of a new chapter in American history.

Amid a changing social media, technology and cultural environment, H.R.'s unease is about more than whether there could be a Harvey Weinstein on their payroll.

A former Obama official said in a letter announcing her bid that women would be "significant investors in the new company and control its voting stock."

Dr. Francis S. Collins says his management approach has changed over time

What was the original point of the Second Amendment? We examine its colonial and revolutionary roots — plus its quiet companion, the Third Amendment — with renowned American history scholar Gordon Wood.

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In some cases, research shows, it can even make things worse.

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Companies may be adopting salary question bans more broadly, but they don't seem convinced they'll work as intended to address the gender pay gap.

They'll help with hospitality and equipment support at the rapidly growing startup's network of hipster-vibe shared office spaces.

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Don't sit back and let leaders lead, book says. Anyone can influence outcomes and inspire others -- regardless of where they are on the organization chart.

The words "marriage" and "love" appear nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. Yet 50 years ago, the Supreme Court issued a decision that would embed those concepts in the heart of the document itself.

'I created and grew a business. I understand what businesses go through, the ups and downs.'

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Women outscored men on three of four traits suggesting “potential” — attributes many companies don't measure.

"There is so much feeling of racial injustice around the issue of punishment. And you have to understand that those feelings have a history -- and that history is Parchman Farm."

A training approach used by plumbers and carpenters is finding fans in the professional ranks -- but could be challenging to scale to big numbers in the U.S.

With Ken Chenault's retirement, just two black CEOs remain in the S & P 500.

In 1963, the Supreme Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright that states must offer a defense attorney to all poor people accused of crimes. The decision transformed the concept of fair trials in America, but left major challenges to the justice system today.

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They can lead efforts to reorganize the government and bring in new ideas from the private sector

Is it a feature or a bug of the amendment process that an idea of James Madison's, more than 200 years ago, could be recently resurrected and etched into the U.S. Constitution?

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