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Omarosa Maginault Newman's recordings in the White House raise questions for workers and their bosses. As one lawyer notes: “With the iPhone, everybody has a tape recorder in their pocket at all time.”

Indra Nooyi's departure from Pepsi will leave just 24 women running America’s 500 largest publicly traded companies -- and only a few women with any minority racial or ethnic background

When it comes to corporate activism, here’s what works and what doesn’t. (Hint: Don’t mention Trump)

The majority of sexual harassment cases aren't reported -- and could emerge a long time later

After a decade, an effort to protect workers was watered down in the version that will go to Gov. Charlie Baker's desk for a signature.

Was the Department of Motor Vehicles worker who napped three hours a day at work wasteful — or living her best life?

More companies are doing pay audits, which also carry risks for employers — raising potential questions about unfair pay practices in the past or budget pressures as they fix inequalities they discover.

Fiat Chrysler’s announcement that hard-charging CEO Sergio Marchionne was replaced following “unexpected complications" from surgery offered few details -- but more than were required.

Open offices are supposed to spark conversation. This study shows they lead to more email -- and people avoiding each other.

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A former West Point professor describes what U.S. soldiers, skydiving operators, mountain climbing guides — and probably the Thai cave rescuers — know about “in extremis” leadership.

Barnes & Noble's CEO Demos Parneros was terminated this week for unspecified "violations of the company's policies"

A new study suggests people's willingness to work for employers with a sexual harassment claim was lower than at those with a claim of financial fraud.

Even still, employment lawyers say, they can be fraught with "all kinds of peril."

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A list without any 'thought leader' or business guru guides -- yet still packed with ideas about business, industry change, leadership and careers

Observers who study the recent wave of “CEO activism” say they have been slower to respond to the current crisis, but the “log jam” has broken.

Some reports put the number of staffers who killed themselves at 35 between 2008 and 2009.

A new book offers a taxonomy of pointless jobs: Goons, flunkies, task masters, duct tapers and box tickers

'Relax, Jack it's just a sandwich'

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Schultz's brand is 'inextricably tied' to the Starbucks brand, brand experts say

It's rare for investors to win a majority of votes on such matters, but a unique storm of circumstances could mean investors see higher-than-usual support

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