Investors are starting to think a little more about how companies treat their employees.

As the calculus on whether it pays to stay silent or speak up rapidly shifts, American companies have emerged as a force for social change

The ad was published the same day one analyst downgraded Under Armour's stock over concerns about from Plank's comments

Three to four days a week working from home is optimal when it comes to boosting employee enthusiasm, a new report finds.

How we reached a Donald Trump presidency

The final episode of the Presidential podcast is all about division and union.

Barack Obama and the search for identity

Political adviser David Axelrod and biographer David Maraniss discuss how Obama's personal life story has influenced his presidency.

When George W. Bush changed course

The newest episode of the Presidential podcast examines how Bush's presidency marked the beginning of a new chapter in American history.

It would be wise to develop plans to handle a decrease in staff or an increase in workload.

Tax laws and accounting norms make it easier to invest in robots and equipment than in better managers and training for workers.

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Workers report spending an average of two hours per day reading political social media posts.

'There is no middle right now,' says one executive focused on women's media

'It’s making teams work and the relationship of trust and candor that you’ve got to try to foster.'

The onslaught of headlines, tweets and executive orders that have characterized President Trump's chaotic first two weeks have kept politics center stage in many workplaces.

A chorus that began in Silicon Valley is gaining voices across Corporate America

'We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question,' the Starbucks CEO said Sunday in a letter to employees

Through a spokeswoman, the “Lean In” author says she supported the march and wishes she had attended.

Cohn's and Tillerson's two nine-digit payouts are eye-popping in part because both Goldman and Exxon require particularly long restrictions or holding periods for such awards.

Shortcuts, risk-aversion and worker stress are all reasons many businesses avoid 'across-the-board' hiring freezes

Cabinet secretaries will need the career civil servants to accomplish their goals.

The economy and dissatisfaction with the government were named most often, but each got only 11 percent of responses.

Many presidents have tried to send a message to the world with their inaugural addresses. Trump was no different.

A unifying expression of core American values, a civics lesson about the Constitution — and some humility.

The rest of the world will be listening, too.

He looks past the lessons of history and ignores the need for common heroes and historic figures we can all aspire to emulate

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