Hooked is scaling up with the help of $1.9 million.

You know have until Jan. 20 to nominate your company for our list of Top Workplaces.

Why the 'Yelp Act' might matter to you.

A new study financed by the D.C. mayor's office found stark racial inequalities in IT business ownership.

Are supervisors turning a blind eye?

A young company seeks help expanding a business that works 'inside' another.

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A survey of U.K. workers found other employees' 'moaning' to be a chief concern.

Online giant will limit customers to only five reviews a week for "non-verified" purchases.

It's also turned into big business.

Herndon-based startup Hawkeeye360 is building a global radio frequency tracking system.

An online post from Harris offered no specifics and reflected on her past entrepreneurial work.

Police said he wasn't hard to track down.

It's all about the women behind the curtain.

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The president-elect made a lot of promises. He’s not going to keep them all, and that's OK.

Some companies roll out the red carpet for new parents.

Optoro moved most of its employees to the District. Now it wants incentives to call it home.

Crowdfunding has changed significantly since its early days.

'One man's loss is another man's gain.' -- Unknown

For some reason the local community supports the idea.

Markets are up, but not all companies are on board with a Trump presidency.

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