Update: Congratulations to GoldieBlox, which on Friday was named the winner of Intuit’s Super Bowl competition and whose commercial aired during the game.

It’s often the case after the Super Bowl: Americans spend as much time talking about the previous night’s best and worst commercials as they do what actually happened on the football field.

Of course, with the pricetag for a single ad spot at around $4 million, only the largest corporations can ever afford to be part of those conversations.

But not this year. This year, there was one “small” exception.

On Sunday, one small business scored an advertisement in front of tens of millions of people during the big game as part of a competition hosted by Intuit, a business software company. Over the past six months, tens of thousands of small firms entered, and between social media voting and Intuit’s judges, the field was narrowed down to four finalists, each of which will get a commercial financed and produced by Intuit.

Only one, though, saw its advertisement pop up during the big game.

Here are the four finalists, including the winner.

Barley Labs, a Durham, N.C. company that creates dog treats out of a brewery’s recycled barley.

POOP Natural Dairy Compost, a Nampa, Idaho, firm that makes odorless composted dairy manure.

Locally Laid Egg Company, an organic hen farm and egg producer in Duluth, Minn.

(WINNER) GoldieBlox, an Oakland, Calif. company that produces toys to teach early engineering skills to girls.

You can see GoldieBlox’s commercial here.

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