Paul Singh (R) of the Crystal Tech Fund and Sen. Mark Warner stop by to meet with Annette Derrick and Philip Brown of SupplyHog in Crystal City. (Jeffrey MacMillan/Jeffrey MacMillan )

Paul Singh’s new Crystal Tech Fund has already invested in six companies, including Riskpulse in Austin, which last week started building an outpost in the fund’s new office in Arlington, Va.

Started in 2007, Riskpulse provides software tools that help supply-chain and shipping-related businesses monitor and measure weather-related risks. Riskpulse recently started wading into the government services arena, and Matt Wensing, the firm’s co-founder and chief executive, says the team plans to use the space in Northern Virginia as a base as the company looks for more federal contracting opportunities.

“Our plan is to spend some time there, develop some relationships, and if those connections pan out, we could have a small team that calls that space home,” Wensing said in an interview. “This allows us to plant that initial flag in the D.C. region, and from there, we can start to grow.”

Here’s a quick look at the other five companies that have already attracted investments from and started to take up residence with Crystal Tech Fund.

• Seva Call, based in Potomac, Md., which connects consumers to service professionals, such as plumbers, electricians and locksmiths.

• Speek, based in Ashburn, Va., which provides conference calling services without pins and phone numbers.

• PowerSupply, based in Alexandria, Va., which produces and distributes ready-to-eat, fitness-minded meals.

• SupplyHog, based in Chattanooga, Tenn., which provides a marketplace for contractors to buy building supplies and materials.

• Nvite, based in San Francisco, Calif., which provides e-invitation and social marketing tools for event organizers.

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