Impresive, that is: A sample object, printed with a 3D printer, is on display during the "Inside 3D Printing" conference in New York. (EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

A review of the biggest small business and startup stories from the past week, with a special focus on Washington.

Pick up the pace: The White House has launched a new initiative meant to expedite payments from large firms to small suppliers, and dozens have already signed on. (OSB)

Looking local: With the midterm elections nearing and partisan gridlock mounting in Washington, some business groups are looking to local and state officials for help. (OSB)

Disincentive? Meanwhile, a new study finds that one of the most popular local economic development tactics may not do much to help the economy. (OSB)

Move aside: A soon-to-open extension of the D.C. area’s metro system has brought with it new development near train stops that is squeezing out small retailers. (WP)

Hiring hiccup: More small employers are looking to expand their payrolls these days, but they’re having more trouble filling their open positions. (WSJ)

Lending rebound: Big banks last month approved their highest share of small business loan applications since the recession — a good sign for firms in need of financing. (AB)

Perk pushback:One U.S. senator is fighting to overturn a rule in the health law that allows federal lawmakers to buy plans through the small-business exchanges. (WP)

Breach fallout: That credit card data breach suffered by Target continues to have serious implications for small businesses, both in the short and long term. (CIO)

Printing progress: More small business owners are starting to work with 3D printers, particularly for making prototypes, intricate parts and customized gifts. (BB)

Up for grabs: The Small Business Administration last week announced a $2.5 million funding contest to support business acclerator programs across the country. (SBDC)

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