Running a start-up or small business is no easy task, but there are lessons to be learned everywhere you look — including the silver screen.

On Small Business asked entrepreneurs from across the country which classic movie quotes offer the best insight or advice for business owners. Their selections took us back to Judy Garland in 1939 and brought us right back up to Brad Pitt in 2011; they made us remember timeless one-liners from the likes of Tom Hanks, Bette Davis and Christopher Lloyd.

Scroll through the slideshow above to see our favorite selections, learn why they were chosen, and hopefully, take away a lesson or two to help you manage your own business.

Special thanks to the National Federation of Independent Business, the National Small Business Association, the Young Entrepreneur Council and Startup America for helping us reach out to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Now it’s your turn: Which other movie quotes do you think offer valuable business lessons? Please join the conversation by sharing your favorites in the comments below.

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