Silicon Valley remains the country’s premier destination for technology and innovation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the best place for technology professionals is California.

In fact, the Golden State ranks sixth nationally in terms of density of high-tech workers as a share of overall private-sector employment, according to analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data conducted by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute in San Francisco. One of its northern neighbors topped the list, boasting the only ratio exceeding one technology job for every 10 workers, and three East Coast cities broke the top five.

The highest paid high-tech workers are still in California, where the average annual salary exceeds $121,000. Technology professionals also average six-figure salaries in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington and Maryland, while the lowest high-tech wages are shelled out in South Dakota ($55,000 a year).

The lowest concentration of high-tech jobs, meanwhile, can be found in Wyoming, which has fewer than two technology workers for every 100 people currently working in the state.

Check out the gallery above for the complete top 10, ranked by density of high-tech workers.

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