On Small Business has a new feature in which young entrepreneurs will answer common questions about small business owners’ social media needs. The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of young entrepreneurs.

Does your company have a Tumblr blog? If so, how does it differ from the content on your main blog?

Paul Gollash, founder and CEO of New York-based Voxy:

“Our main blog features our long form content and is primarily our platform for saying what we want to say. Our Tumblr blog is a comfortable middle ground between our main blog and Twitter. It’s a platform for content of a shorter length and involves more conversation, more reblogging, more commenting and more participation. In general, Tumblr is more conversational than the main Voxy blog, and it takes less effort to manage its content since we have streamlined the publishing process so that sharing on Tumblr is nearly automated for us.”

Erin Blaskie, CEO of BSETC in Ontario, Can.:

“Although I do not personally have a Tumblr blog that I post to regularly, I do see the different ways that people are using Tumblr to share content. Tumblr tends to lend itself nicely to the micro-blogging method — the sharing of ‘tidbits’ of information versus long blog posts. You may share a single photo, video or quote on your Tumblr blog with the sole purpose of making the information easily shareable by other Tumblr users.

“For example, users that have also a ‘regular’ blog — let’s say on WordPress — and a Tumblr blog may use their regular blog to share long blog posts, opinion pieces or reviews, whereas their Tumblr blog will be used to simply collect pieces of information within a specific category.

“The other distinction I see is that Tumblr tends to be a platform that is chosen by individuals for personal use, whereas WordPress is the blogging platform of choice for entrepreneurs and business owners. Like anything, consider the medium you are choosing and make sure that it will work for your intended outcome.”

Emerson Spartz, CEO of Chicago-based Spartz Media:

“We have Tumblr blogs for all of our Web sites and the content is the same. Tumblr has been a phenomenal tool for us — it’s Twitter on steroids! In some ways, it’s a cross between Twitter and more traditional blogging platforms such as WordPress or Blogger because you can easily share pictures, videos and other multimedia.

“Twitter’s greatest strength — its 140 character limit — is also one of its biggest weaknesses because there are simply too many things you cannot express in 140 characters, and the process of viewing pictures and videos is clunky. That’s a big problem for us because all our content is images and videos.

“Tumblr doesn’t have a character limit, and because you can see pictures directly on your feed, it’s a much more visually engaging experience. Tumblr is so easy to use it turns ordinary people into compulsive sharers. If you can’t decide whether or not to blog or microblog, Tumblr may be the perfect tool for you.”