On Small Business has a new feature in which young entrepreneurs will answer common questions about small business owners’ social media needs. The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of young entrepreneurs.

How can a business effectively use playlists or another sharable media element for branding?

John Hall, CEO of Digital Talent Agents in Columbia, Mo.:

“Companies in B2B should absolutely consider setting up a Vimeo channel. Many companies think of using YouTube to generate brand interest and awareness, but Vimeo just has a more professional feel to it. They offer new upgrades with better compatibility and video quality, which definitely lessens the reservations of many business owners. It’s also pretty affordable, and you don’t have to worry about weird ads popping up before and after your video.

“What can you share? Clients love testimonials, so think about creating videos of testimonials to feature on your Web site. If your company is slightly difficult to explain, creative informational videos are a great way to get your business goals across to potential clients and partners. Unless you are familiar with shooting and editing and unless you have the right professional equipment to create these videos, definitely look at getting outside help.”

Derek Shanahan, founder and chief community officer of Foodtree in Vancouver, B.C.:

“When you consider video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo), music platforms (Spotify, Turntable, Rdio, LastFM, Pandora), expression engines (Tumblr, Pinterest) and various other places that content is being channeled, you can’t help but realize that the days of a brand “telling” us who they are have ended. Brands are part of a conversation that’s being dictated by the consumer, the competition and the top influencers.

“Therefore, I think the biggest opportunity in shareable media right now is the opportunity that brands have to act as a curator for their community. Curate great content from your audience and share it widely. Celebrate the influencers in your field; identify and articulate trends in your industry. Provide a unique perspective on trending conversations in your space. Leverage the content shared on these platforms to shape and participate in the conversations so consumers get a good feel of “who you are.” With a mix of curation and original content, any business can provide their brand with the kind of personality that people will be able to distinguish from the noise.”

Ilya Pozin, founder of Ciplex in Los Angeles:

“Most see sites like YouTube and Vimeo as a way to fill the boredom void, and our constant craving for personal entertainment. However, brands have taken advantage of those tools as well, and many use it to generate business and build credibility. Look at it this way: People make purchases when they like your product and trust your brand, right? What better way to build credibility for your brand and product than to utilize video to send the right message? Create daily ‘expert’ videos with your staff to educate people about what you do and how to do it best. Show people your product hands-on.

“As fast as the Web is growing, we barely take two minutes to read anything anymore. You can say so much more in a 30-second video, and because of how easy videos are to share and their potential for going viral, you’re really missing out if you’re stuck behind your keyword.”