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What do you do on Google +? Why do you like it?

Rakia Reynolds, principal at Skai Blue Media : (Philadelphia, Pa.)

My company has done research on Google+ and how it can benefit our clients. We regularly follow the progress of the Beta platform; however, we have refrained from establishing branded platforms on it. We see a plethora of future benefits for businesses in terms of customer relationship management , however, we have decided to let the platform mature a bit before we build anything into it.

 We are using our observations of Google+ and its users to expand on our social media strategy. We plan to utilize Google+ ’s analytics, as well as the video platform for hosting virtual events, Q&A sessions and webinars.

Lindsey Pollak , author of "Getting from College to Career" and LinkedIn global spokesperson: (New York, NY)

So far I'd describe myself as a lurker on Google+. I've set up a profile and some circles and I'm following the updates to see what new features are being added. As someone who recently switched a large part of my business to Google Apps, I'm watching closely.

Tom Cannon, co-founder and CEO of BungoBox: (Orlando, Fla.)

Google +, at this point, seems to be very misunderstood by many, including me. Of course, as with all new social frontiers, companies and individuals must stake claim on this virtual real estate before others do.  With that said, we have a corporate page on Google +, and I have a personal profile on Google +.

However, we rarely utilize Google + for any particular reason. I utilize Google + mostly to +1 content on the Web. It seems as though Google’s search algorithm gives a preference to content derived from Google + or interacted with via  +1. 

For example, when searching the name of an individual, Google seems to give preference to individuals who have a Google profile. When searching topics, Google seems to give preference to those articles that have been indicated as +1.  This is a very interesting dynamic with regards to search and social. Google, in essence, is trying to influence social interaction by leveraging the power of its search tool. I think if this is true, then over time marketers could have a greater influence over organic search results on Google. I believe that social should have a major influence over search. In order for Google to maintain the integrity of search results it will be difficult for them to be a major player in the social space. Inevitably, I believe Google + will fall short of the long-term vision. To be successful in social Google will inevitably have to make an acquisition of an established platform.