Facebook’s new app Paper presents stories in a clean and simple format. (Facebook)
New Facebook app refreshes news feed

Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary last week and, to mark the milestone, also released this app. Not to be confused with the iPad drawing app by FiftyThree, also called Paper, Facebook’s iPhone app is a reimagining of the news feed. Its clean design showcases interesting stories from your friends and also lets you add in featured stories on topics of interest. Food buffs, for example, can add stories from the “Flavor” section. Sports fans can get updates from journalists and athletes in the “Score” category. It’s not an app for catching up on general news, but certainly one that will keep you updated on your friends.

Stories are well presented: They’re easy to read, clean and simple to navigate with a few swipes. It’s even tempting to say Paper could supplant Facebook’s normal app. The only notable limitation I found is that you can’t sort through the feed by friend group, a feature that most Facebook users probably don’t use regularly. But you can post, get notifications and even access your account settings through Paper. It’s also ad-free, for now. Of course, Facebook would do well to add support for Android devices, and soon.

— Hayley Tsukayama