Tally of federal probes of colleges on sexual violence grows 50 percent since May

The rapidly rising number of federal investigations poses challenges for the Obama administration.


Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters

(Jan Grarup / For The Washington Post)

As other Western countries bar or jail returning jihadists, the port city of Aarhus is taking a novel approach.


Falling oil prices put pressure on Russia, Iran and Venezuela

(Rosneft Press Service / AP)

Falling prices put pressure on Russia, Iran and Venezuela.


Rethinking solitary confinement

(Matt York / AP)

Arizona agrees to several reforms in its prisons. Will other states follow?


D.C. mayoral choice: Muriel Bowser’s caution or David Catania’s combativeness?

D.C. voters’ hard choice: Bowser’s cautious, mediocre record, or Catania’s combative approach?


Poitras, who earned Snowden’s trust, reaches biggest audience with ‘Citizenfour’

(Charles Sykes / Invision via Associated Press)

The documentary maker, who earned the whistleblower’s trust, reaches her biggest audience.


India pushes bank accounts for the poor

(Rama Lakshmi / TWP)

Bankers have fanned the country in an effort to help the poor share in the country’s economic growth.


‘Storm Surge’ by Adam Sobel, ‘Superstorm’ by Kathryn Miles, on Hurricane Sandy

Adam Sobel and Kathryn Miles reveal the science and human tragedies of Hurricane Sandy in separate books.


Obama appoints lawyer to handle Ebola response

(Michel du Cille / The Washington Post)

Former Biden aide Ron Klain will lead the U.S. response, but the GOP questions his pedigree.


Standardized tests must measure up

(Amanda Voisard / For the Washington Post)

The assessments we use for students and teachers must measure up.