Liberty, equality aren’t mutually exclusive

(Jack Dempsey / AP)

We should rediscover how liberty and equality reinforce each other.


Mortgages could become easier to get under changes being mulled by regulator

(Keith Srakocic / AP)

Regulator overseeing giants Fannie and Freddie wants to bring more buyers into housing market.


Md. public school teacher denies he told students all Muslims are terrorists

A Maryland public school teacher accused of anti-Muslim rhetoric calls it a misunderstanding.


In Colorado, overheated rhetoric from ‘Mark Uterus’

(David Zalubowski / AP)

Mark Udall’s overheated rhetoric in a bid for reelection is not exciting voters in Colorado.


A health-care plan worse than Obamacare

(Steve Helber / AP)

A Virginia Senate candidate’s health-care plan is not a viable alternative to Obamacare.

New Hampshire Republicans back Scott Brown on Obama Ebola comments

A President Romney would have handled the crisis better, said the Senate candidate.


Off the record? Out of the question.


Florida politicians battle rhetoric as rising seas drive worries over climate change

(Stringer / Reuters)

With political offices at stake, nature becomes a foil for competing narratives with props such as water pumps and wooden “arks” to amplify the rhetoric.

With appointment after appointment, Google’s ideas are taking hold in D.C.

The company’s ideas on tech innovation seem to have a grip on the nation’s capital, but not everyone is pleased.


The myth of Russian humiliation

(Ria Novosti / Reuters)

NATO expansion did not cause Moscow’s aggression.