The company offers a new service that relies on tips from previous customers to judge local businesses.
A reboot with a Yelp-like addition

You may know Foursquare as a check-in service — a network where you let friends and the public know your whereabouts. But the company has gone through a reboot, taking its expertise in processing location data and applying it to a new Yelp-like service that relies on “tips” from previous customers to judge local businesses. It works as a research tool and as a just-in-time review site, so you can find out if the coffee shop on the corner has a good iced mocha or if a restaurant in another city is worth a reservation. You also can feed Foursquare your preferences, so it can suggest things you may like as you visit new places. It’s different from the original service, so traditionalists should expect a lot of changes.

One thing you should know before you download: Foursquare is collecting your location data — a lot of location data. The app is designed to pick up data about where you are even when the app isn’t open. That may not sit well with folks who don’t want to share all their location information with the app. You can opt not to share location information with Foursquare — or turn it off when you want — but the app won’t work as well. Free, for iOS and Android devices.

Hayley Tsukayama