If you are in the market for a family car, safety is one of the most important factors to consider. Most manufacturers are making many of safety features standard, yet there are a few that remain optional.

Advanced Frontal Airbags

Having all round airbags in a family vehicle is highly recommended, as this type of frontal airbag is much better than standard airbags. In the event of a crash, this airbag will inflate to the correct size without causing personal injury—taking into account seat position, size of passenger, and the severity of the crash. As such, this is a particularly good feature for families with children of all ages in the car.

Anti-Lock Braking System

This system prevents the wheels from locking by applying intermittent brake pressure. It activates when the driver uses heavy braking—or sometimes with light pressure—on slippery road surfaces. This safety feature gives the driver more steering control in a situation in which the wheels would normally lock up. Brake assist has also been added to most new vehicles and that is also worth the investment. The system puts added pressure on the brakes when the driver needs it in an emergency situation. Electronic brakeforce distribution can also aid the driver by distributing braking power evenly to all four wheels. All these braking safety features can increase stopping distances and help the driver avoid accidents.

Stability Control

This system monitors whether your vehicle is driving on the intended path based on steering, throttle and braking. In an emergency situation, it can apply braking to all four wheels and also reduce engine power. Stability control helps to prevent dangerous accidents on slippery roads.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The last thing you want while on a trip with your family is a flat tire. The tire pressure monitor system senses if the tires are on low on air and the vehicle isn’t safe to drive. However, it’s always a good idea to check your tire pressures regularly regardless of this feature.

Active Head Restraints

These can help prevent whiplash and other neck injuries from rear collisions. The head restraints are a safety feature that will be an added advantage for your family vehicle.

Rear Parking Assist/Rear Camera

A rear sensor could be a great feature if there are young kids in the car. Rear cameras are a better choice because you can see as well as hear if you are about to collide with an object. These safety systems work wonders during parking maneuvers.

It goes without saying that you will want a safe car seat for your child. Safecarseatreviews.com offers a list of great car seat choices for family cars and includes reviews of the top car seats available on the market.

You may also want to consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration star rating. This system provides information on roll over, side and roof impact as well as frontal and rear impact scores. Get the overall safety rating for your family car before you make the purchase.

Safety can’t be compromised when it comes to your family, so make sure the car you transport them in has these features, or that they are available as an option.

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