Dish a little dirt

Admit it. There’s a little part of you that always likes to know other people’s secrets. And thanks to Secret, an anonymous social networking app, you can see and share those tidbits. Secret is a simple service, though it does require quite a bit of trust in the company. When you sign up, you allow Secret to access your contact list to identify “friends” on the service, although there are no names. From there, users literally just share short thoughts from behind the curtain of anonymity — some juicy, some inane and some surprisingly heartfelt. It’s also been used to dish the dirt on some of Silicon Valley’s hottest companies, which has contributed to its appeal.

Secret, an anonymous social networking app, allows users to share their personal thoughts behind a cloak of anonymity. ( / )

On Secret, you can see posts from anonymous friends, as well as any secrets from their friends. And, if you also agree to share your location, you can see posts from others nearby who’ve also opted to let the service know where they are. Secret isn’t, by any means, a replacement for Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. But if you just want to dish the dirt for a bit? Fire away. Free, for Android and iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama