Making music out of your words

Songify, brought to you by the people who do the meme-tastic Autotune the News videos, is a fun — if pointless — app that will convert anything you say into music. The app works best with Apple devices that have a built-in microphone (the iPhone, iPad or fourth-generation iPod Touch) but also work with older devices and an external microphone.

The app is an easy, tap-to-record affair, and it lets you record up to a minute of audio. It converts what you say into a song based on one of a handful of preset styles that come with the app. You can also buy more styles for 99 cents each in the app. Songify is fun, though mostly useless — apart from getting a good laugh from your friends. You can upload songs to share on Facebook or Twitter, and even have others vote on your masterpieces. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama