Swiftkey has already been a popular keyboard app on Android. (VentureBeat)
SwiftKey for iOS
App aims to improve Apple’s AutoCorrect

Failures in predictive text algorithms may be great fodder for humor Web sites, but those goofy typos can be maddening. SwiftKey has been one of the most popular keyboard apps for Android, as an app that lets you swipe to type. Apple, however, does not allow developers to modify its keyboard. So SwiftKey is looking to improve typing on iDevices in another way — by applying its algorithms to improve Apple’s AutoCorrect.

Rather than integrating into the keyboard, SwiftKey’s app is a note-taking app, which offers users three options for each word they type to increase speed. It also learns your habits as you use it, so it saves you time in the long run. The app hooks into Evernote, so you can type excellent constructed notes for yourself. You can also share the notes over e-mail or text. Doing so adds an extra step to the process, which understandably may turn off some users. But while using SwiftKey for your iOS typing may lose you some time, it may help you save face. Free, for iOS.

Hayley Tsukayama