If you need a hands-on way to look at where your money’s going each month, consider CoinKeeper. Starting out, you can let the app know what your monthly income is and have it generate a budget for you — or you can set up your own. To keep track of your spending, just drag and drop a coin from one folder to another — from your checking account, say, into the “groceries” section — and CoinKeeper will record the transaction. As you use the app more often, you can see your spending trends and break down your expenses by category.

For some people, doing all this manually is probably better for tracking than having and app that sorts payments out on its own.

Another nice feature of CoinKeeper is that users can also add individual savings goals to help them keep an eye on their progress toward one-time expenses like a new smartphone. Free for Android, 99 cents for iPhone.

— Hayley Tsukayama