Home inventory
It’s gotta be here somewhere

Quick: Where’s your passport? Your birth certificate? Your college diploma? With help from this app, the answers could be at the tip of your fingers. With spring cleaning on many people’s to-do lists, it’s a good time to catalogue the things you’re keeping. The super-organized can add important items to their inventory by room and note the condition the items are in, their serial number, their warranty terms and their value. While it takes a lot of work to enter all of the information you need, the company has provided a few mobile tools that should help. A free photo app lets you send pictures of your items to your computer, and a free backup app lets you browse through your lists on the go. The app still requires a lot of heavy lifting to set up, but could certainly save you some search time in the future. Home Inventory provided a code to The Washington Post for this review. For the Mac, for $19.99.

— Hayley Tsukayama