Reroute your texts

Trying to unplug from your phone? Consider MightyText. This app lets you send and receive text messages on your own phone number from the Web. Similar to the Messages program on iOS devices and Macs, this app syncs texts across your devices so that you can keep in touch — and keep away from everything else on your phone. Users must create an account to use this app, which also lets you send photos and videos and see multiple message streams at once.

The Web app works through your Internet browser, and alert methods vary on different software platforms. But generally, it’s pretty easy to see when you get a message, even if you’re doing other things. As an added bonus, the app will let you see the battery level of your phone. Free, for Android devices, Macs and PCs.

Mightytext app for computers and tablets. (play.google.com/store/apps)

— Hayley Tsukayama