RealPlayer Cloud
Sharing made simple

Sharing video can be a surprisingly difficult and nerve-wracking process, particularly if not every one of your friends and relatives uses the same device as you do. It’s fairly easy, actually, to share video between iOS users, or between Android users, but going across platforms is a pain. RealNetworks — whose name you may remember from RealPlayer — is taking its multimedia know-how and applying it to video storage and sharing. The RealPlayer Cloud app works across multiple platforms — mobile, PC and Web — and makes it so that any video can play on any of those devices. If users have a Roku streaming box, the videos will even show up on the television. Syncing between devices is very quick, as is uploading, and users never have to think twice about conversion software.

The app is tied to RealNetworks’ cloud video service, which offers free storage up to 2 GB and then bigger storage plans starting from $4.99 per month. Free to download for Android devices, iOS devices and the Roku streaming box.

RealPlayer Cloud app (Sebastien Cote)

— Hayley Tsukayama