Have you ever flipped through a magazine, seen an item you liked and wished you could find an easy way to buy it? That’s the idea behind Magnetique, which is designed to make it easy to shop from your smartphone while you read magazines. If users allow the app to read their location, it will also tell them where they can buy items at local stores. But there are a few problems. For one, it only works with specific issues of certain magazines: only the May and June issues of InStyle magazine and the June issue of Glamour. Those magazines have been optimized to work with the app, with more fashion magazines slated to come by year’s end. The app also doesn’t pick up every item on every page — only those that have been set up to work with it. And it doesn’t always take users directly to the item, but to the main page of a store’s Web site, making it far less useful in those cases. The idea behind Magnetique is sound, and when it works, it works well. But the app needs to build out its content to really be useful. Until it does, shopaholics should probably give it a pass. Free, for iOS and Android.

Hayley Tsukayama