Angry Birds Star Wars
These are the birds you’re looking for

Rovio went to a galaxy far, far away for inspiration for its latest Angry Birds title. As part of a deal with the recently-sold Lucasfilm, the company has taken the Angry Birds into the Star Wars universe, giving the birds Rebel Alliance personalities you’ll recognize — including the droids! — as they take on the evil Sith piggies. The first level of the game starts you off at Tatooine, complete with twin suns, and the references continue to fly fast and thick from there. The game has levels with and without gravity, pulling in game mechanics from Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space. The game is good fun, and the Leia hairdo surprisingly doesn’t affect any of the birds’ aerodynamics. 99 cents, for iOS and Android devices.

Hayley Tsukayama

Angry Birds Star Wars app (App store)