Doodle all you want,no paper required

There are plenty of apps out there meant to replace your handy pen and paper, and Inkflow is one of the better ones. A treat for visual thinkers, this app will read your finger or a stylus for smooth, responsive drawings. Ideal for quick idea sketches and thought maps, the app even lets you select, move and resize anything you write or draw with ease. You can share drawings by e-mail or through Twitter as well. One drawback to the app is that the free version doesn’t include colored ink, so it’s less-than-ideal for real drawing. It also doesn’t have handwriting recognition, so jotted notes aren’t searchable. But if you are looking to replace your pocket pad of paper, Inkflow is well worth a download. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama

The Inkflow app for the iPhone. (App store)