Writing anything longer than a few sentences is often no fun on your mobile device, but iA Writer aims to make the experience as simple and pleasant as possible.

The app isn’t much to look at — just a white screen with black text — but its no-frills layout also serves as its main draw. As an added bonus, the developers have included a bar at the top of the keyboard with commonly used punctuation marks and arrow keys for better navigation. On the iPad version, you can fade out everything but the last three lines in order to focus your attention even closer.

To access documents on the go, you can also choose to sync the app with your Dropbox account or iCloud. The app shouldn’t be your choice if you need to mess with fonts or layout, but is a fantastic option if you need to block out everything else and write. $1.99 for the iPhone and iPad; there also is a Mac version that offers the same, simple full-screen experience for $8.99.