Keep tabs on team to-do lists

There are plenty of to-do list apps out there, but Weave incorporates more elements that are useful to managers or small business owners. Not only can users share tasks over Weave, but they can keep track of their expenses and income. It’s perfect for small team projects and could have practical use around the house, too — say, if you’re planning a renovation or redesign and need to keep tabs on contractors, deadlines and costs.

Weave has two notable weaknesses, however. For one, you can’t create recurring tasks, which means you’ll have to enter a reminder to pay a bill each time. There’s also no easy way to link these to-dos to your calendar, though the app will provide you with daily pop-up alerts. You don’t have to create a Weave account to use the app, though the ability to assign apps to others does require registration. Free, for iOS devices.