Not to be outshined at today’s Consumer Electronics Show media bonanza, AT&T showed off two new smartphones, the Windows Phone-based LTE HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900.

The phones, both sitting comfortably at the higher end of the smartphone scale, hold the promise of AT&T’s next generation of devices. The company has been releasing 4G phones for a while now, but the majority of those have been HSPA+ devices. Starting last July, AT&T finally put out some phones and hotspots that run on the faster LTE networks AT&T has been diligently rolling out over the past year.

The Titan II, a follow-up to the HTC Titan, has a 4.7-inch screen and runs off a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor. But the most impressive spec on the phone is its huge 16 MP camera, which far outstrips any other phone on the market today. Slashgear reports that the phone is .4 inches thick and weighs 5.2 ounces.

The other phone teased in today’s speech is the Nokia Lumia 900, a highly anticipated phone, and Nokia’s first 4G LTE phone in the United States. But the companies are keeping the full specifications and demos on that phone until the 6 p.m. Eastern news conference from Nokia.

Another much-hyped device, the Samsung Galaxy Note, has also made a splash at Monday’s CES events, thanks mostly to its 5.3-inch screen. The size puts the phone quite near the tablet line already, and the addition of a stylus makes the device seem like even more of a crossover. Only time will tell if consumers are ready to merge the two form factors.

AT&T also announced its data plans for the PlayStation Vita, the next-generation handheld gaming device from Sony. The 3G-enabled model of the devices will have month-to-month plans that do not require a long-term contract. The 250 MB plan will be $14.99 per month; the 2GB will be $25 per month. Vita owners will also be able to use AT&T WiFi hotspots for free.

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