Details remained unclear, and there was no immediate government confirmation.

(Handout / Reuters)

The company will partner with automakers to put driverless cars on the road.

Google outspent every other company on federal lobbying, and Uber spent more than it ever has in a single quarter.

Revenue grew 13 percent during the quarter ending in June.

"Our work here will never, ever be done,” said Del Harvey, Twitter's head of trust and safety.

A flaw in WiFi chips has Apple publishing a vital security update.

An XKCD strip is the perfect opportunity to talk about a key technology.

A pilot program in Los Angeles offers a glimpse of how Apple is trying to further tap into the $3 trillion health-care market.

The technology and business services giant said it is making progress on its 'strategic imperatives.'

Netflix is trying to rattle the long-established Hollywood model, and Amazon is working within it.

One day after a security robot toppled famously into a water fountain, an informal memorial was erected Tuesday in honor of the autonomous machine.

The move comes after millions of public comments on the issue.

Netflix added more than 5 million new subscribers in the second quarter, beating its forecast for both domestic and international customers.

Numerous photos showed the robot on its side in the ankle-deep water as workers tried to figure out how to rescue it.

A communication breakdown and an employee's vacation were why it took nine days for Verizon to stop a data leak.

Propaganda efforts through social media are being commonly employed by information ministries, specialized military units and political operatives.

A judge has ruled for Google against Labor Department investigators.

Court battle in Washington turns on requests for political communications in a criminal case.

The deal risks hurting other grocery stores and workers, critics say.

No wall can stop a well-built trebuchet.

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