The rules prohibit Internet providers from using your data without your permission.

Second graders work on Apple iPads as part of their classroom work at Park Lane Elementary school, part of the the Canyons School District, in Sandy, Utah, May 20, 2013. George Frey/Bloomberg News

How a Senate vote could harm your Internet privacy

On March 23 the Senate voted to repeal FCC rules that protect consumers' online data from their Internet providers. The vote now heads to the House.

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WikiLeaks says the CIA hacked iPhones and Macs, but it was very targeted.

A new proposal would make it easier to block fraudulent calls.

Samsung named its assistant “Bixby,” which is very difficult to say in some languages — including Korean.

California-based Lucid Motors showcased their alpha prototype electric sedan in D.C., the Lucid Air.

Cops nationwide now wear cameras. But is the new tech obscuring rather than illuminating some police shootings?

Samsung's new voice assistant promises to be smarter than any other assistant out there — including Siri

General Motors, Car2Go and other companies want to make swapping cars as easy as changing a TV channel.

With Alexa now on the iPhone, it's possible for your iPhone to take on multiple personalities. Get to know each one.

MIT Media Lab's DuoSkin uses temporary tattoos to turn skin into wireless interfaces, with the ability to connect with smartphones, transmit data, or display images based on body temperature. The product won the SciFi No Longer prize at the 2017 SXSW Innovation Awards.

Albuquerque police body camera footage in the 2014 shooting death of Mary Hawkes fail to give a clear picture of the events leading up to her death and has led to more controversy rather than resolution.

A tweet from a verified corporate account for McDonalds called President Trump a “disgusting excuse of a President”

Here's who was affected, and what you can do to keep your accounts safe.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is going on a road tour to talk up broadband networks.

A new jacket from Levi's and Google offers a glimpse of wearables for a broader audience wants wearables that don't scream high-tech

An alleged focus on 'link quality' could redefine search engine optimization for a lot of small businesses.

As bad news piles up for the ride-hailing pioneer, some think the End of Uber is coming

Security experts, though, criticized the group for not sharing the information earlier with companies.

The defendant of a 2015 murder case has allowed Amazon to release information from his Echo smart-home device. Here's how that could affect the case. Editor's note: Jeffrey P. Bezos, founder and chief executive of, is owner of The Washington Post.

"The CIA lost control of its entire cyber weapons arsenal," WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in a news conference on March 9 about the trove of CIA hacking tools the organization uncovered.

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