The agency hopes to roll back more regulations on Internet providers.

A person writing a review on a laptop. (iStock)

Those who fail to embrace new technology are costly and unnecessarily isolated.

A security flaw at Cloudflare means that Uber, Fitbit, OK Cupid and other users may have had their passwords exposed. But there's no need for panic.

How do you take tech's gender gap conversation from awareness to action? Take the fight to the states.

The tech giant is taking Uber to court in an epic lawsuit.

Marathon video game sessions are growing in popularity on streaming websites, but a prominent gamer's death in the middle of a 24-hour-long session has shaken the online community. Here's what you need to know about the live-stream gaming trend.

Verizon email users: You've got mail.

The White House is considering a suspension of the law, part of President Trump’s pledge to cut regulations and a long-held goal of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The docking was postponed from Wednesday after the spacecraft's computers noticed incorrect data about the location of the station.

How to hack hate online.

Apple may be able to map your face with its next iPhone.

NASA said the spacecraft will try again in 24 hours.

AT&T is trying to convince Washington its merger will help consumers.

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket from Launch Complex 39A is another symbol of the rise of the commercial space industry.

Feng Zhang says his big patent fight was a distraction. Now it’s back to work.

The move comes days after Verizon launched its own competing offer.

In a report, the GAO found the companies’ spacecrafts may not be certified until 2019 — too late to reserve room on Russian spacecraft.

Facebook users in the United States and Canada can now search and apply for jobs directly from the social-media platform.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai released footage of a drone that can carry passengers at up to 100 mph for 30 minutes.

It's all part of the social network's plan to dominate television.

And how to make sense of the competing offerings now flooding the market.

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