What happens when the world's most popular game shuts down?

The propaganda app — mandatory in some workplaces — can give the Communist Party a powerful new surveillance tool. 

After international uproar, the American gaming giant eases punishment for Hong Kong player who expressed his political views on China.

The e-commerce giant posted a nearly 1,300-word document offering its position on a smorgasbord of issues for which it has come under fire.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stopped by SpaceX’s headquarters here Thursday. He toured the factory with SpaceX founder Elon Musk, took a spin in a spacecraft simulator, then met with the media afterward, smiling for the cameras. But this was no social visit.

The utility said traffic levels were eight times what it expected.

Wanna better yourself in a battle royale? Heed the words of pros from recent Apex Preseason Invitational champs Team SoloMid, among other top-tier players.

Facebook's allowance of falsehoods in politicians' ads has sparked anger over viral untruths during the 2020 campaign. But company executives argue, “It is not our role to intervene when politicians speak."

The game's appreciation for creativity and off-beat gameplay make it easy to recommend to parents looking for something for elementary or middle school kids.

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The breach cast a spotlight on a troubling fact for federal lawmakers and privacy advocates: The privately maintained surveillance systems that the government relies on for its wide-reaching security mandate are expanding so quickly, and often without oversight, that it can be hard for the public to keep track.

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It’s a Wild West.

A San Francisco Bay Area power utility shut off power to more than half a million customers amid a wildfire threat, and Tesla vehicles flashed a warning to charge up beforehand.

Mobile companies are scrambling to maintain service for the 800,000 Californians who may experience power outages this week.

In an effort to highlight Blizzard's censorship of a Hong Kong athlete, American University students kept up the pressure by holding up a sign during a recent collegiate esports match.

Employees sent an open letter to Github's CEO asking the company to shed its contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Lawmakers are scrutinizing Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency and its possible effects on the global financial system.

Researchers at Caltech have unveiled a complex new robot with the ability move between flight and walking on two legs. The machine unique design was inspired by birds.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he would ask the U.S. government to open an investigation into TikTok, the widely popular, Chinese-owned social media app, out of concern that the company is "censoring content" to satisfy Beijing's leaders.

Only 2 percent of Americans can ace a digital-knowledge quiz.

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The same could happen in 2020.

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