Google and Facebook are racing to elevate quality journalism in the lead-up to the 2020 elections, but some fear the changes could have unintended consequences for news media.

Tech workers walked out Friday to demand better environmentalism from their employers, joining millions of expected protesters around the world.

Facebook said they had investigated millions of apps based on "signals associated with an app's potential to abuse our policies."

The FBI has sent secretive written demands for information to more than 120 companies in recent years, according to documents released Friday, raising new questions about the government’s ability to quietly gather data on people.

How good is the iPhone 11 camera? We put it to the test, but still think the new rule of thumb is wait three years.

To help law enforcement officers resolve emergency situations, one company has created empathy training based in virtual reality.

It's Zelda the way you’d like to remember it.

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Today, the Facebook chief will huddle with House Democrats.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg pledged in a private meeting with lawmakers that the company would not launch its controversial digital currency, called Libra, anywhere in the world until it receives approval from regulators in the United States.

In an attempt to heal his mind, Jacob Mitich has not picked up his game controller since being shot in Jacksonville, but news cycles filled with mass shootings keep dredging up the pain.

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The announcement comes as the online retail giant faces criticism for its huge carbon footprint and a lack of transparency into its energy use.

Apple's iOS 13 update is here for the iPhone, and it's dark.

Comfortable and capable, the Switch Lite is the definitive Nintendo handheld device.

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It’s gonna be a long week for the Facebook head.

Former president Barack Obama appeared to lob a thinly veiled jab at President Trump during a technology event in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is paying a rare visit to Washington this week, meeting with members of Congress to discuss the "future of Internet regulation."

The continued struggles of Facebook, Google and Twitter to stop the spread of hate speech, disinformation and other harmful content online have sparked heightened interest on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are expected to unveil legislation to probe the matter in coming days.

The watchdog group behind the complaint says it’s the first time specific housing companies have been named in a civil rights action.

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They want the turf fighting to stop.

In our latest privacy experiment, we tracked how four of the most popular TV brands record everything we watch.

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