Instagram said it's adding the option to like individual comments as a way to create a more positive online community.

You'll now be able to like comments on Instagram. (Courtesy of Instagram)

You bought a Pebble. Then Fitbit bought Pebble. Now what?

And it isn't “Star Wars.”

Will the company hold to it if it's allowed to buy Time Warner?

A Boston-area start-up has developed a chatbot to do some of the more mundane tasks that HR departments carry out on a daily basis.

The justices’ narrow decision gives company chance to recover some of $400 million owned to Apple.

A Seattle man had a rude awakening when the stolen car he was in seemed to take on a life of its own.

The average parent spends more time with online media than their teens, a new study finds.

The Oculus Touch controllers bring something that's been missing into the Rift's VR worlds: your own two hands.

Virgin Galactic performs an unpowered “glide flight” of SpaceShipTwo, landing safely in Mojave.

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity flew freely for the first time. This marks the first time that a vehicle built by Virgin Galactic's The Spaceship Company has flown fully under its own control.

Around the world in 16 Instagram posts.

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is launching a keyword search feature.

The C25K app can help take you from the couch to a 5K in eight weeks.

You never know what you may end up with, and that’s half the fun.

'Anomaly' is the fourth time spacecraft headed to the station have encountered problems in two years.

The premium channel's online spread continues.

This D.C.-area museum wants to introduce VR to millions. Here's how.

Washington is not happy with how this coder is getting around regulation.

A company called DroneShield has introduced a 13-pound rifle field jammer that it says can take down drones from a distance as far as 1.2 miles away.

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