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Confusion reigns over how Twitter's changes affect real-time updates

Passengers board a Tube train on the London Underground in London, U.K., on Monday, Sept. 6, 2010. London's 3.5 million Tube travelers face disruption today with as many as 10,000 of the subway's drivers, station staff and engineers staging the first of a series of 24-hour strikes over employment cuts. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Confusion reigns over how Twitter's changes affect real-time updates

The company's huge installed userbase is its secret weapon.

DARPA's new turbo mini-drone takes flight

DARPA's incredibly fast mini-drone zooms around a warehouse at 20 meters per second, demonstrating its autonomous flight capabilities.

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The cable giant famous for pushing boundaries, on TV and on the Web, could be in for a brutal fight.

The ride-booking company is settling two massive class-action lawsuits.

The United States' "first nerd president" is happy to have more company.

Column: The old, quirky Twitter is gone. And that's ok.

We upgrade phones every two years. But cars are different, leaving drivers without the latest tech.

Fifteen percent of all Americans have used some form of online dating, but certain demographics are growing more quickly than others.

Next, the company will invade the affordable car market with a $25,000 sedan.

Chief executive Jack Dorsey said the dip was temporary, but investors were not happy.

Robots and connected cars are a threat to national security, but also an opportunity for its spies, according to the Director of National Intelligence.

The new timeline is an option only in Twitter's iOS and Android apps as well as on the Web, meaning clients such as TweetDeck are not affected.

Bryan Fuller, producer of NBC's "Hannibal" television series, was named showrunning for CBS's new "Star Trek" series in 2017. Here's what Trekkies should know about the new show, and how to watch it.

It's not clear if Beyoncé was paid to promote Airbnb -- but if she was, the lack of disclosure could have put both of them on the wrong side of the FTC.

The Post's Brian Fung sits down with FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to discuss cable companies, and the ongoing battle concerning set-top boxes.

The FCC wants to crack open the set-top box market, but it'll come with privacy rules.

"Today, I have no choice. I'd love to have choice."

The FCC's auction is expected to reshape the telecommunications industry.

The food isn't special. But genius marketing can compensate for that.

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