Everyone is still wondering: "Am I a victim?"

epa06206529 A view of a sign for the company Equifax on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York, New York, USA, 15 September 2017. The company recently disclosed that a data breach, discovered in July 2017, may have impacted as many as 143 million consumers in the United States. Equifax is one of the three main organizations in the US that calculates credit scores and has access to personal information including names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, some driver's license, and credit card numbers. EPA-EFE/JUSTIN LANE

The pressure on Facebook builds.

The smartwatch gets confused about which network to join in certain situations.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia found no legal basis for awarding compensation to people whose personal information was stolen from the Office of Personnel Management.

Why nontechnical degrees in technology aren't a sign of incompetence or weakness.

Equifax suffered another major breach in March, months before the massive hack disclosed earlier this month, affecting 143 million people.

Getting tired of iOS? Here's a guide to switching to Android.

Apple has an app for that.

The story of Awan and four other Pakistani-born computer technicians is a lightning rod charged by the convergence of politics, cybersecurity and fears of foreign intrusion.

Equifax's chief information officer and chief security officer are retiring, effective immediately

It’s a visually pleasing puzzle game.

It’s engaging and even competitive without feeling stressful.

The legislation is the latest move by Washington to crack down on the credit industry.

The lawsuit is the latest salvo in a battle pitting right-leaning technologists against Silicon Valley giants.

The state is set to consider a major bill on consumer data.

It's rare for the FTC to disclose an ongoing probe.

Kaspersky Lab is used by at least a half-dozen federal civilian agencies to some degree, according to U.S. officials.

You'd never know the Watch was new just looking at it, apart from a new red dot on its dial.

And yes, it's set to a John Philip Sousa march.

Elon Musk posted a video showcasing SpaceX rocket explosions, and the reason behind each explosion.

Some experts worry that the technology, as it becomes widespread, will be used to invade people's privacy.

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