A new study offers a snapshot of the country’s evolving tech labor market highlighting a shift away from coastal tech centers and the rising IT opportunities in college towns.

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What’s the difference between the iPhone XS and XR?

Apple says it wants to reach a broader audience with its $749 iPhone XR. The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler examines the new iPhone XR and compares it to the more advanced iPhone XS.

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The $750 middle child of Apple’s confusing new lineup is the best-value iPhone in years. Here’s why you should consider the XR instead of the XS.

The summit's homepage was overtaken by messages critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Musk says he will soon open a test tunnel to the public to demonstrate the viability of an ambitious underground high-speed transportation system.

The White House plans to convene tech giants including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM on Monday and urge them to make it easier for their workers to leave behind their big paychecks and snazzy office perks and do brief tours of duty in government.

Two of the country’s largest e-scooter companies have been accused of gross negligence and a series of assaults stemming from hit-and-run incidents involving pedestrians, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

A self-driving ride-hailing company has launched in Arlington, Tex., where a fleet of robot-driven vans ferry people between downtown landmarks, restaurants and sporting events.

Name the subject, and Russian disinformation operatives had a playbook on how to pass themselves off as politically active Americans to manipulate U.S. voters. The same tactics honed during the 2016 election carried over into the run-up to the midterms.

Amazon released an Alexa skill for its Echo on Oct. 18 that allows it to whisper to U.S. users for life’s quieter moments. Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.

The financial ties between the Saudi government and the tech industry underscore the delusion of an enlightened tech sector, says Giridharadas.

The move signals an attempt for the all-electric automaker to get back to business after months of controversy.

Clegg will take over from Elliot Schrage and could put the company on a stronger footing in Europe.

"Paul deserved more time in life. He would have made the most of it," Gates wrote in an essay in the Wall Street Journal.

Everyone now knows the Web is filled with lies. So then how do fake Facebook posts, YouTube videos and tweets keep making suckers of us?

After years of self-driving hype, companies are taking a more subdued approach to addressing the tough realities of the most complicated robotic system ever built.

The Security and Exchange Commission reached an agreement with Elon Musk. He will pay a $20 million fine and step down as board chairman of Tesla.

Twitter accounts originating in Iran masqueraded as foreign journalists and concerned U.S. citizens in an attempt to push political messages, according to new research.

Chairman Ajit Pai slammed carriers such as AT&T and Verizon for their "completely unacceptable" response to the storm.

Google is ending a controversial practice in Europe whereby it required smartphone makers seeking to pre-install Google’s app store to also add other Google apps, such as search and Chrome.

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