High-profile Twitter users saw their follower counts drop by millions.

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On Friday, company president Brad Smith urged lawmakers in a blog post to form a bipartisan and expert commission that could set standards and ward against abuses of face recognition, in which software can be used to identify a person from afar without their consent.

The move comes weeks after a federal judge ruled against DOJ in the landmark case.

James Morhard has had a long career on Capitol Hill. His backers say that’s a good thing.

Robo-calls ravaged Americans’ smartphones in record numbers last month. But some of the nation's top businesses are still urging the Trump administration to make it easier for them to dial and text mobile devices en masse.

Getting a password manager is the most important way to improve your online security. Our tech columnist picks the best.

  • Geoffrey Fowler
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The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler shows you how password managers are a much simpler, better and secure way to manage your passwords to your favorite sites.

The changes come amid a burst of last-minute political opposition to the move.

Apple released two new models of the MacBook Pro, giving the 13-inch and 15-inch models a performance boost but keeping their controversial keyboard.

A recent report making the rounds suggests we should wrap our car keys in tinfoil.

The city's plan could close a yawning digital divide, but critics say housing and homelessness are far bigger priorities.

Proposed FCC policy changes do not appear to push consumers toward filing formal complaints any more than the current policy does.

Magic Leap, the augmented-reality start-up, now says the product is coming this summer.

The resignation follows a tumultuous year for Uber and is the latest in a series of high-profile departures.

Martin Tripp told the SEC on Friday that the Silicon Valley car company, whose $53 billion value rivals that of General Motors, had pushed for a number of potentially damaging measures to meet production quotas, including placing batteries with puncture holes into vehicles and reusing scrapped parts.

On Wednesday, the social media service said it would begin removing large numbers of Twitter profiles that had been included in people’s follower counts -- the latest in a series of hard choices that the company is making to clean up its platform.

Microsoft's smaller Surface starts at $400 and courts a new audience.

The stock reaction followed a Washington Post article that the company suspended more than 70 million accounts in May and June — a clean-up of the platform that may affect user growth.

Top members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked Google and Apple for more information on how their smartphone operating systems collect data.

Google could face a new record penalty from European regulators for forcing its search and Web-browsing tools on the makers of Android-equipped smartphones and other devices.

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