“Telling Lies” threads a story around a government employee who gets paid to deceive others.

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Despite internal policies to protect customers, the ecommerce giant listed thousands of items deemed unsafe by federal agencies, deceptively labeled or banned by regulators, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

YouTubers have to build businesses off their viral fame quicker than ever, and it's changing YouTube's content.

The company issued new guidelines in response to “a year of increased incivility on our internal platforms.”

The conservative news outlet shifted its spending on Facebook in a way that blurred its links to $2 million worth of ads promoting Trump.

The former Los Angeles Laker has been one of the most prominent figures in the mainstreaming of competitive video gaming but has been in a bitter internal battle over the future of his esports franchise.

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Google announced Thursday it had taken down 210 channels on YouTube after discovering they "behaved in a coordinated manner while uploading videos" related to the protests in Hong Kong, an effort that the tech giant linked to recent, Chinese-backed operations on Facebook and Twitter.

An Apple Card support page warns if the titanium credit card comes into contact with leather or denim, the interaction could cause “permanent discoloration that might not wash off.”

Twelve of the country's largest telephone companies on Thursday pledged to implement new technology that would spot and block robocalls while helping law enforcement officials track down criminals, part of an agreement brokered between the industry and 51 attorneys general.

A Japanese temple has settled on a new plan for connecting with the masses, one that channels ancient wisdom through the technology of the future.

An android robotic priest was unveiled at Kodaiji temple, a 400-year-old Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan.

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“In general, our misinformation efforts are focused on keeping our elections safe,” says an Instagram spokeswoman.

The ramifications of Instagram’s supposed new “rule where they can use your photos” weren’t totally clear.

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Neither Republicans nor civil rights groups are happy.

Amazon woos members of Congress to its warehouses even as President Trump and his would-be Democratic rivals rip the retailer for its treatment of the people who work there.

In a complaint filed in New York court, Walmart alleged Tesla solar panels had caught fire at least seven times dating back to 2012.

China pushed back against claims by Twitter and Facebook that the government had run disinformation operations aimed at the Hong Kong protests. The comments underscored the challenging of setting global standards for online speech.

L.A. County is about to challenge the voting machine industry

Facebook has faced repeated criticism from conservatives that it is biased against them. It released an interim report Tuesday with its first findings on the topic.

The U.S. government is forging ahead with its review of online platforms for potential competition concerns, coordinating with state attorneys general and signaling it could soon send document demands to Silicon Valley and its critics.

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