Amazon launches new hardware including a new robot and a smart thermostat.

The DEA called out TikTok and Snapchat on Monday for serving as hosts for illegal drug sales.

Activision is required to deposit the funds within 30 days if the U.S. District Court in central California approves the agreement.

For Epic Games, the metaverse is a chance to fix a digital society.

E-waste is a growing problem, but there are ways to avoid making it worse. Here's what you should know.

The Amazon-owned grocery chain will add the fee Oct. 25 after piloting the surcharge in New England and Chicago.

Counterfeit pills sold on social media or online may be laced with deadly amounts of synthetic opioids, the agency says.

Some Chinese solar-panel manufacturers have stopped shipping to the United States in protest of a proposed import tariff hike. The freeze could derail the Biden administration’s green-energy goals and lead to layoffs in the industry, solar-panel installers say.

The goal is to own the games it publishes, rather than making a few cents per dollar off games owned by other developers.

There’s no be-all-end-all way to carry proof of vaccination on your phone. We make sense of how different options approach your privacy, ensure your security and try to spot counterfeits.

Nintendo is serving up gamers another version of its best-selling 2017 console that is nearly identical but has a nicer screen.

Some new wearable displays are trying to make your office more portable.

Pandemic-era safety procedures have created a new dynamic at work, in which many employees say they’re operating at work the same way they were at home.

Here's where to find the right forms and email addresses — and why data rights requests under the consumer privacy act are so complicated.

Los Angeles Gladiators player says “the whole game” is going to change come next season.

The look Chloe gave the camera in the now-famous 2013 video made Internet-users around the world say “same.”

The colossal hack of Epik, an Internet-services company popular with the far right, has been called the “mother of all data lodes” for extremism researchers. Some of those named in the data have already lost their jobs.

A guide to help you figure out if a smartwatch can fit into your daily life.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other tech firms are pressing lawmakers to enact new rules to stop prosecutors from secretly snooping on private messages, photos, search history and more.

The software update was beamed to Tesla cars over-the-air early Saturday morning.

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