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These women have organized an international charity using little more than Facebook.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg celebrate with Facebook users at a Friends Day party. (Courtesy of Facebook)

These women have organized an international charity using little more than Facebook.

It hit the perfect shot on a hole despite having the wrong club.

Pulling data income data from US Department of Labor, Equipay allows you and your friends to split the cost of a meal in accordance with gender and racial income inequalities. Bill-splitting app that splits the bill fairly. No really, fairly. TEAM MEMBERS: Brian Carter, George Chen, Rohan Dhaimade, Franklin Ho, Luna Malbroux, Graham Starr, Star Zagofsky

American viewers don't need cable or even a television antenna to tune in to the big game.

Whether you have genuine nostalgia for that hungry little yellow dot, or maybe just like all things retro, it’s nice to be able to have this classic game right on your smartphone.

Nimble fingers needn’t worry.

Self-driving cars could help solve some of society's most entrenched problems.

Amazon's spending on influence in Washington skyrocketed in 2015.

A group wants to set the stage for the Uber and Airbnbs of higher education.

The newly non-nude Playboy features Snapchat-inspired photo shoots and thoughtful journalism, much of it written by and reporting on women.

Happy Friends Day! Facebook made up its own holiday.

One bureaucrat has been reminding Google of his suburb's interest for four years.

"That will take time to remember it's Uber," one driver says.

The Toyota brand has bumped its last sick beat.

Microsoft released a concept video of their HoloLens NFL experience, which looks to turn the regular football viewing experience on its head. See the interactive holographic features Microsoft's currently working on.

Gyllenhaal is narrating a new docuseries about technology, government and power.

Turning the simple black and grey "U" into what I imagine a doughnut would look like in "Tron," is something that some folks just aren't buying into.

A customer who CEO Elon Musk deemed "rude," wasn't allowed to buy a Model X.

It'll cost Google Fiber roughly $1 million a year in Kansas City alone.

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