The deal promises “exclusive” Tidal content for Sprint subscribers

The logo of U.S. mobile network operator Sprint Corp is seen at a Sprint store in San Marcos, California August 3, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Blake /File Photo

Ajit Pai will oversee the nation’s most powerful telecom regulator.

The probe could be bad news as Verizon tries to buy Yahoo.

Samsung finally disclosed what made its flagship smartphone explode this past fall

The tweet-happy leader of the free world reportedly gave up one of his closest companions in the interest of national security.

The FTC said Uber exaggerated the amount drivers could earn and misled them about the benefits of its car financing options.

Google Maps is making some D.C.-only updates to help you get around this weekend.

But federal investigators highlighted the challenges of semiautonomous driving.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler tried to break the grip of large Internet providers. But now a cloud hangs over his achievements.

The company is so big, it may not be affected.

Cris Thomas says mundane threats vastly outnumber the ones that make headlines.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg suggests a lawsuit against its virtual reality company is just sour grapes.

Nintendo's console is innovative and fun but may struggle to find its place in your life.

There will be a lot to gawk at on the road this year.

Chairwoman Edith Ramirez has turned the FTC into a major technology regulator.

Los Angeles Valley College sent a bitcoin payment to unlock its computer files, an alarming issue facing higher education.

And testing out tech that could appear near you soon.

No, that isn't spy equipment. Ahead of the inauguration, several cell providers have constructed temporary cell towers for increased coverage ahead of the event.

The Switch is designed to move with people playing in their home and on the go.

The EPA has accused another car company of using software to cheat emissions tests.

The move could raise Apple's profile in Hollywood.

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