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The company is asking those using an "extraordinary" amount of data to switch plans or leave.

In a single stroke, Verizon would own the biggest website in the world.

The notorious (and celebrated) fugitive has cultivated perhaps the biggest personal brand on privacy.

Wikileaks said this is the first in a new "Hillary Leaks" series.

IBM Focus

A Q&A with Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith.

That moment when you realize your Pokémon Go obsession has gone too far.

An ironic bit of evidence.

The owner of electric carmaker Tesla doubled down on autonomous driving tech, laid out plans to expand vehicle offerings and addressed the merger with SolarCity.

Thirty-year-old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin is accused of being the mastermind behind KickassTorrents.

A few tips for keeping your Pokémon identity separate from your real-life one.

The Pokémon Go craze is sweeping across America. See how the game works, why everyone's so crazy about it, and all the stories that have come from it, from the game's positive impact on depression victims to armed robberies.

It argues the industry's set-top box plan is bad for content creators.

The department store chain is teaming up with IBM Watson to provide customer service in its stores.

Behind the Great Firewall, Chinese apps have been flourishing.

Slack is no slacker.

One of the most common security mistakes made it easy for a Cardinals executive to dig through the Astros' data.

Can Chinese companies continue to get away with prideful counterfeiting of car designs?

Yahoo seems to be going out with a whimper.

Industry analysts say they are studying the way Chrysler "punches" automobiles, or offloads them onto dealers without a sale.

California is a two-party consent tape for wiretaps -- and Swift says she was "secretly" recorded.

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