DEFCAD is a 3D printed gun website born by fire and bathed in controversy. But that’s not preventing it from growing.

Since launching in December, the site has become home to nearly ninety components, including bullet casings, pistol suppressors, and even grenade models.

More significant, however, are the traffic numbers. Visitors to DEFCAD have to date downloaded over 2,500 files from the site, creator Defense Distributed announced via Twitter Tuesday.

There’s more. DEFCAD gets an average of 3000 visitors per hour, representing roughly 2TB of traffic since launch, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson told me by phone Tuesday.

What all this means should be pretty clear: A whole lot of people are interested in downloading (and perhaps printing) guns.

“Obviously there’s an interest in what we’re doing. Enthusiasts want these files,” Wilson said

Unsurprisingly, interest in 3D printed guns isn’t limited solely to the United States. Wilson said that he often gets emails from foreign gun enthusiasts, who often want nothing more than to say how much they appreciate what Defense Distributed is trying to do.

“I think a lot of people understand the idea that we’re a bastion of freedom and that we have something in common with information anarchists like Aaron Swartz and WikiLeaks. The bits must be free,” Wilson said.

For others, the interest in DEFCAD also stems from a desire to ensure that promise of 3D printed guns becomes a reality.

“DEFCAD is an essential step in advancing the state of the art [of 3D-printed guns]. I know that scares a lot of people, but it’s true,” Wilson said.

 “We’ve essentially become the go-to gun file site,” he added.

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