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How Reyna affects the game's meta and impacts the creation of future agents is an intriguing, open question.

Snap made the decision over the weekend to stop promoting the president's account, it said.

Facebook is finally offering a tool to delete or archive old posts in bulk — and prevent stalkers, employers and the government from snooping on your past, too.

The company’s 2019 diversity report said that just 3.8 percent of all employees are black.

Smartphone cameras, home security cameras, traffic cameras — digital eyes are a boon and a danger to protesters.

Facebook’s chief executive defended his decision to leave up Trump’s posts at a townhall Tuesday.

A Washington-based tech group supported by Facebook, Google and Twitter filed a lawsuit against President Trump on Tuesday, alleging that his executive order targeting social media giants threatens to “curtail and chill constitutionally protected speech" during the presidential election.

A movement started by two women in the music industry has grown into a social media statement. But the rows of black squares may be missing the point.

Scaling up was Riot's biggest challenge during its public stress test.

The company’s hands-off approach is the latest flashpoint in long-standing tensions with civil rights leaders.

The pandemic is changing how people see the expensive cities where they live, and new work-from-home policies are making it possible for some to move out.

Started by an account with just three followers, the hashtag exploded in popularity, generating about half a million tweets in its first nine hours after being created.

Space enthusiasts finally have the beginnings of an answer to which system is better.

The sports car manufacturer is starting its own virtual competitive driving circuit.

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Senate lawmakers plan to unveil a bipartisan bill on Monday that would regulate contact-tracing and exposure-notification apps, seeking to ensure new digital tools meant to combat the coronavirus don’t come at the expense of users’ privacy.

It’s a perfect storm.

The latest chapter in Ellie's journey paints a brutal world that is polished, bloody and terrifying

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