Two months after it scrubbed the Starliner's launch, Boeing isn't 100 percent certain what caused 13 of those valves to remain shut when they should have been open.

Facebook is pushing devices like its Oculus as a part of its ‘metaverse’ strategy.

And finally, "Bayonetta 3."

A problem that has forced automakers to cut production and furlough workers in some instances shows few signs of resolution this year.

The confirmation that Pegasus was directed against the ministers underscores the degree to which spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group has been used to penetrate the top reaches of a powerful democracy.

The start-up founder who rocketed to fame nearly a decade ago is accused of misleading investors and patients about the capability of her company’s blood-testing technology.

Federal authorities arrested a 75-year-old Michigan man who they say was motivated by unhappiness about “immoral content” on phones, including pornography and cursing.

The inclusion of politics in video games is one of the industry's longest-running debates.

There’s enough evidence in “Deltarune” and “Undertale” to piece together some plausible theories.

With so many payment app options, it’s hard to choose which to use. We look at fees, usability and privacy to recommend the best app for different needs.

To test Apple’s newest privacy protections, we watched the data flow out of 10 popular apps. Some appeared to be “fingerprinting” phones, a more invasive form of tracking.

From Facebook to Venmo, staying on top of your privacy starts with these key settings.

Whether you have a little or a lot of Google in your life, you should stay on top of these account settings.

From shopping to Alexa, Amazon products have a number of privacy defaults you can and probably should change.

If you can’t quit Facebook, you can try and reclaim some control by changing these key privacy settings.

If you pay for things using Venmo you might be shocked at what information you’re sharing publicly.

Gov. Gavin Newsom says the new law, which targeted Amazon, will protect workers and give them "the dignity, respect and safety they deserve."

Tech giants have quietly acquired hundreds of companies over the years without much scrutiny. A new study from the FTC is a step towards changing that

Gen. Jim Mattis (Ret.) testifies in Elizabeth Holmes trial about his time on the Theranos board.

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