Amazon’s new product lineup again pushed the boundaries of where and how we bring surveillance into our lives.

The accounts seemed to be focused on Europe and Asia, but the takedown shows Russia is still active in posting disinformation.

Amazon will wade into the game-streaming waters already occupied by Microsoft and Google.

When people go to a video game museum, they want to play video games. That's a big obstacle to reopening.

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A coalition of nine companies formed Thursday with the aim of reigning in Apple’s power. The group, called the Coalition for App Fairness, submitted ten principles for the App Store that it says would allow for more competition, fairness and innovation in the mobile app industry.

Owners reported their cars weren't connecting to the Internet Wednesday, though the issue appeared to have been resolved a short time later.

The Justice Department asked Congress on Wednesday to adopt a new law that could hold Facebook, Google and Twitter legally accountable for the way they handle some controversial content on the Web, as the Trump administration ratchets up its attacks on social media sites ahead of the 2020 election.

Two of the founders of Dreamhaven delve deeper into their vision for their new game development and publishing company.

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TikTok has withdrawn its lawsuit against the Trump administration as it works against a deadline to avoid a deal in the U.S.

"Super Mario Galaxy" is now playable on a modern console. The motion controls leave much to be desired.

The show will now include stages in three continents, but pandemic will put the show online.

Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense have new blood-oxygen apps. They’re mostly useless.

The beloved former chief executive is leading a sizable team of Blizzard alums in the development of two new games.

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The company aims to build a battery that can make the transition to electric vehicles more sustainable.

The Wednesday meeting comes nearly four months after the president signed an executive order that opened the door for the federal government to oversee the way tech companies police political speech online.

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A darkly funny game about the kind of work we do today.

The action underscored how online actors in China have taken an interest in election-year politics in the United States.

A Google employee sued the company and still works there. In a new legal filing, his attorneys want to know whether Google can view the employee's Google data, as well as the Judge's. Google so far hasn't answered.

The Justice Department is expected to brief state attorneys general this week about its imminent plans to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google, setting in motion a landmark legal clash between the U.S. government and the search and advertising behemoth.

Trump says Americans must have total control. ByteDance says it will keep majority control. The deal is far from a sure thing.

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