The company discovered propellant leak during a test of the emergency abort system in June, the latest setback in a program designed to restore human spaceflight from U.S. soil.

(Aubrey Gemignani / AP)

Facebook said Friday it suspended a longtime partner that had used data from Facebook and other social networks to assist governments in monitoring public sentiment, a more cautious approach in the wake of a data privacy scandal.

The largest collection of Russian disinformation tweets reveals a strange surge on Oct. 6, the day before Wikileaks first released the emails stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. This has fueled a mystery: What were the trolls up to? And why did they target mainly left-wing Twitter users?

My summer diet was an extreme smartphone cleanse. Here's how it went.

The last judge rejected “fundamental principles of economics”.

Thousands of artificial intelligence experts are calling on governments to take preemptive action before it’s too late.

Facebook said that a new policy will cover misinformation shared on the platform to instigate or amplify violence.

President Trump on Thursday attacked the European Union for fining Google $5 billion for harming its competitors, tweeting that the incident proved the regional bloc has “taken advantage of the U.S., but not for long!”

We tested Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to see how people with accents are ignored in the smart-speaker revolution.

"The approach that we’ve taken to false news is not to say, you can’t say something wrong on the internet," Zuckerberg said.

European regulators ordered changes that could affect which Google-owned apps appear on smartphones and tablets running its Android mobile operating system.

What Google's fine could mean for consumers

In the flight, Jeffrey P. Bezos's company tested an emergency escape system designed to rescue passengers in the case of an emergency.

Jeffrey P. Bezos’s Blue Origin rocket New Shepard completed its ninth flight as it tested the vehicle’s escape and self-landing system. EDITOR’S NOTE: Amazon owner and CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.

The move comes after the FCC expressed "serious concern" over the deal this week.

The proposed vehicle could carry as many as five passengers at speeds up to 250 miles per hour for approximately 500 miles, according to the company.

Facebook, Google and Twitter on Tuesday sought to defend themselves against accusations from Republican lawmakers that the tech giants censor conservative news and views during a congressional hearing that devolved into a political sniping match.

A mother saw something truly horrific play out on her daughter's online game.

Facebook’s AI researchers will learn “how the world works by observation, like young children do in the first few months of life.”

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