Google said Friday an inadvertent bug had made its email filters go haywire, rerouting messages in a way that made users think it had lost its judgment over what messages deserved to land on top of the pile.

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The dispute between William Barr and the government's antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim, has taken on renewed significance.

Artificial intelligence does not yet pose a serious threat to humans, according to the head of the Defense Advanced Research Agency. Though the military is rushing to improve its AI capabilities, DARPA Director Dr. Steven H. Walker said AI remains “a very fragile capability."

Want to stop plateauing at a 1-to-1 KDR? We asked some of the game's top players to teach us some of their tricks for multiplayer and Blackout.

A three-judge panel expressed skepticism that the government proved the merger would harm consumers.

Apple’s prices are outpacing not only inflation but also other gadget makers. Yet would switching be worth the cost?

A key British lawmaker alleged Wednesday that Facebook maintained “whitelisting agreements” that gave select companies preferential access to valuable data on users without their consent, echoing a key claim from an app developer's lawsuit.

If you’ve ever wondered why that action movie you loved in theaters looks different at home, video interpolation, better known as “the soap opera effect” might be the culprit.

In the first stage of its launch on Dec. 5, a SpaceX rocket booster spun wildly on its way back to Earth. The booster landed in the water.

The actor and the writer-director Christopher McQuarrie want viewers to turn off this default setting on most TVs.

New York City ride hailing drivers are guaranteed a minimum wage following the a vote by the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission Tuesday. The rate — set at $17.22 per hour after expenses — makes New York the first American city to adopt minimum pay for app-based drivers, according to the Independent Drivers Guild.

Pro players respond to early outrage that blitzed the game with more than 1,500 negative reviews, mainly over the price of building the perfect deck.

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Walmart is adding even more robots to its stores. This week, the big box retailer announced plans to place 360 autonomous robots — tasked with scrubbing floors — inside stores across the country.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai is now slated to testify to Congress on Tuesday, December 11, after lawmakers rescheduled their original hearing in light of former President George H.W. Bush's death.

Delta Air Lines debuted the United States’ first facial recognition terminal on Nov. 29 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Superpedestrian — a Cambridge, Mass.-based micro-mobility company known for making electric bicycles — told The Washington Post that it plans to begin producing an “industrial grade e-scooter" that can repair itself. The device will hit city streets in 2019.

Qatar said it will leave OPEC in January to focus on boosting natural gas production.

Newly unredacted court records suggest that Facebook used people's profiles as leverage to expand its mobile-ad business.

How to reach Marriott's call center and FAQ page and enroll in a free fraud monitoring service.

At a wine bar in Prague, the bartender has been replaced by a robot. The restaurant is the latest business to replace human staffers with machines.

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