Fordham University business students are using virtual reality to prepare them for boardrooms.

Thousands of users were greeted with an error message paired with a "Wreck-It Ralph" character or Mickey Mouse stranded in space.

Soldiers in an Army intelligence unit inspected the terms of an app their commander ordered them to download. What they found could be compromising, soldiers said.

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The company’s lack of whistleblower policy breaks from Facebook and YouTube.

The e-commerce giant plans to add a supermarket brand to its portfolio, which already includes Whole Foods and Amazon Go stores, to expand its reach in the business.

Distinguishing between things like a deer and a moose that humans automatically know is part of the constant engineering struggle to identify and teach differences to artificial intelligence-powered vehicles.

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‘It’s essential not just to us, but also to our country’s ability to compete on the world stage,’ wrote Brad Smith.

Online content doesn't have to be good to go viral.

Facebook and YouTube said they would block references to the supposed whistleblower’s name under their policies against “coordinating harm.” But Twitter said it would permit such references, including posts that both name the person and show pictures supposedly depicting the whistleblower.

The Justice Department’s top antitrust official warned tech giants on Friday that amassing vast quantities of consumers’ data could create competition concerns in the eyes of federal regulators, marking the U.S. government’s latest shot across the bow at Silicon Valley and its size.

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Critics say the company isn’t doing enough to police ads.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal calls on Uber and Lyft to improve safety practices and implement fingerprinting for drivers.

Much like Facebook and its tech peers, Google struggles to spot and shield users from potentially problematic political ads -- and disclose what it's removed -- with the 2020 presidential election a year away.

The third-party text platform Syniverse said 168,149 messages were held up because of a maintenance issue.

Both companies have struggled to reinvent themselves.

His predecessor, Shuhei Yoshida, will oversee a newly formed division in the company focused on "nurturing external independent creators.”

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The underwhelming “unicorn” IPOs of Uber, Lyft, Slack and Pinterest have been a rude awakening for some rank-and-file employees, who have fewer protections than investors and fewer options to cash out their shares.

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Yet another investigation is open in California.

A report cites increased social media surveillance by governmental agencies as a factor in the U.S. decline.

It's a troubling trend that domestic violence advocates have warned about for more than a decade.

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