His forecasts of trends in business and society led to a series of best-selling books.

Tobacco tins were used to simulate creaky mannequin joints.

The flight of a tiny helicopter called Ingenuity, perhaps as early as April 11, would mark a first in interplanetary travel, demonstrate a new technology, and pave the way for future scientists and explorers to more quickly traverse the surface of the Red Planet.

For decades, tech company workers have advocated for better rights and better behavior from their employers. But deep pocketed companies like Amazon, Facebook and Uber have largely gotten their way.

During part of the discussion, the panelists asserted children should not wear masks, contradicting federal and international guidance.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo will meet on April 12 with executives from about 20 companies.

The new petition comes after a former engineer said her harasser was allowed to sit next to her even after HR confirmed her complaints.

The closely watched vote, which involved thousands of workers at a Bessemer, Ala., warehouse, will probably face challenges at the National Labor Relations Board and in court that could delay the final outcome.

Lawmakers interrogate the chief executive officers of Google, Facebook and Twitter on the role their companies have played in promoting extremism and spreading misinformation.

Amazon warehouse workers voted against a union, but momentum isn’t lost for the labor movement.

New York’s Excelsior Pass has some solid privacy protections. But it’s complicated to use and easy to fake.

Welcome to “NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys: A Bar Simulation” on the audio app Clubhouse.

The move to list seven firms and labs began under the Trump administration.

The shutdowns will affect about 10,000 workers at plants in Tennessee, Michigan and Mexico.

The union may claim Amazon’s role tainted the Bessemer, Ala., union vote and could move to overturn the results if it loses the election.

“We pretty much spent the past decade ... preparing for a future without Flash.”

The civil rights group Muslim Advocates, along with an academic, have flagged over 225 anti-Muslim pages to Facebook that they claim violate its hate speech policies since 2017. Many are still up.

Forty years after the renowned physicist Richard Feynman floated the idea for a quantum computer, the technology is starting to seep out of academic labs and into the real world.

The live streaming company said it will investigate and ban users found to be members of a hate group, who committed non-consensual sexual acts or other serious crimes.

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