The lawsuit adds a new layer of intrigue to a company already consumed with production pressures and internal suspicions about a conspiracy.

Tesla CEO and founder of the Boring Company Elon Musk speaks at a news conference, Thursday, June 14, 2018, in Chicago. The Boring Company has been selected to build a high-speed underground transportation system that it says will whisk passengers from downtown Chicago to O'Hare International Airport in mere minutes. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

Instagram's IGTV takes aim at YouTube and complements Facebook's tepid video efforts

The move is a blow to Internet activists who sought tougher state rules.

Nadella criticized ICE and said Microsoft's contract with the agency only supports administrative functions.

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Colorado's newest publication aims to remain ad-free, reader-supported and employee-owned. But will it work?

Many investors recommend storing your coins offline.

The Trump administration’s privacy, competition and consumer protection cops plan to embark on a cross-country listening tour to gauge how academics and average Web users believe the U.S. government should address digital-age challenges like privacy and AI.

The breach pushed bitcoin prices down.

The space-age car company may be facing more chaos at the factory than its drivers and investors understand.

Christopher Wylie warned that unchecked data collection and targeting on social media threaten Web users’ privacy — and the healthy functioning of democracy.

The decision comes after one senator's investigation into the mishandling of user data.

The Supreme Court on Monday announced it would consider a case that asks whether consumers can sue Apple for the way it manages millions of apps for iPhones and iPads, threatening to expose not only Apple but also its tech industry peers to new antitrust scrutiny.

Apple says the feature will give emergency call centers faster and more accurate information to help reduce response times.

The decision from the WHO means it's officially possible to be addicted to video games.

The report shows some improvements from last year, but for the first time the company revealed breakdowns by race and gender.

How often do Amazon Echos misinterpret commands? Two senators want to know.

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Default privacy settings often aren’t very private. Our tech columnist is back with Round 2 of his clickable guide to improving your privacy on all sorts of devices and online services.

The two companies moved swiftly after a judge gave his blessing this week.

Financial regulators just made a huge decision affecting bitcoin and ether.

Another fallout from the crises at the world's largest social network.

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