The Department of Justice on Friday formally opposed an effort by Facebook to dismiss a lawsuit by several housing groups, arguing that the social media platform may be held legally responsible if advertisers violate fair-housing laws by using its ad-targeting tools.

(Dado Ruvic / REUTERS)

Elon Musk's impulsive media strategy has helped divert attention away from the tough questions at the core of his tech empire.

Google employees are reportedly calling for a greater oversight and transparency to review controversial projects that present moral and ethical issues.

The FCC chairman said he relied on the agency’s chief information officer in claiming that the FCC had suffered a cyberattack last year — even though he suspected that this wasn’t the case.

Alexa and Cortana will talk to each other but won't share secrets, the companies said.

Facebook shared some details of the progress it's made in Myanmar.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of the social media platform so that it doesn’t enable the spread of hate speech, harassment and false news, including conspiracy theories shared by prominent users like Alex Jones and Infowars.

After an internal investigation found that the Federal Communications Commission misled the public by wrongly claiming it suffered a cyberattack last year, House Democrats are demanding answers from C...

Switching off location tracking doesn't stop all of Google's tools. Here's how to track where Google's tracking you.

The board of the electric car company formed a three-person panel to consider a deal, the company said Tuesday.

In a recent survey asking what the most anticipated smartphone launch of the year was, “None” came in third.

Some merciful participants said they felt sorry for Nao and his fear of the void.

Major console makers are rolling in dough, but also talking about what happens when the console disappears altogether.

Fax machines may present a vulnerability in organizations' networks that allows hackers to infiltrate via devices that are connected to both phone lines and the Internet, according to a report from Israel-based security company Check Point.

In a blog post Monday, the Tesla CEO defended his unusual move to announce on Twitter that he intends to take Tesla private.

West Virginia will be the first state to offer the technology to improve voting accessibility for overseas military members. Although mobile voting may help with ballot accessibility, there have been concerns by some computer scientists about the security of voting over the Internet.

The problem, however, doesn’t seem to originate from the speakers, as the defect shows up whether playing sound through the speakers or through headphones.

For some people, the gas station has become too inconvenient.

The tech industry’s crackdown is a sign of heightened aggressiveness ahead of a planned far-right gathering this weekend inspired by the riots in Charlottesville.

A new report underscores how disinformation operations such as the Russian one named in the special counsel's indictment work across multiple platforms to bolster the credibility and prominence of their posts on each.

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