Just 18 months later, the company — and consumers — have shrugged it all off.

(Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg)

Samsung’s response to the iPhone X and Pixel 2 is a new phone that looks nearly identical to last year’s flagship Galaxy S8. But the Galaxy S9 has a few tricks for photographers, such as an adjustable aperture and personalized AR Emoji.

An appearance by Chairman Ajit Pai and his GOP colleagues on the Federal Communications Commission at CPAC offered an unexpected brush with a national battle over gun control — and a new ethics complaint questioning its political independence under President Donald Trump.

A standard demo of games for the Oculus headset included at least one that allowed players to shoot guns.

Apple is aware of the problem and investigating it.

Should you get excited for Samsung's upcoming phone? The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler takes a first look and gives his pros and cons.

Falsehoods were rampant after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting despite the firm’s promise to improve its algorithm. And lawmakers are growing increasingly frustrated and vocal about disinformation on social media.

The next few weeks will see a frenzy of activity. This is what to expect.

David Hogg said he bears no grudge against the social media companies that surfaced and circulated false allegations that he was a “crisis actor.”

The result could be more competition in an industry that's starved for it.

The Parkland falsehoods underscore how efforts to quell the spread of such online conspiracies remain incomplete on platforms that derive profits by attracting eyeballs en masse.

Users of the social-media service who are on the far-right fringe politically are complaining of discrimination.

There’s an apparent gap between what the Facebook chief executive wants and the realities of the people who implement his wishes.

Vice President Pence to recommend streamlining efforts that would help the space industry continue to grow.

You need a password to stream the Olympics and many other shows. Sharing one isn't always a no-no.

A group of high school students from last week's Florida school shooting are attempting to do what few gun control activists have done before.

Apple promised new batteries but delivered frustration and long wait times for many.

The new approach could one day allow people to screen themselves for the risks that could lead to heart disease.

Russians in St. Petersburg passed English-language tests and studied U.S. politics to target what they called the ‘crap country.’

That’s up to the Trump administration, Congress and technology companies. So far, the answers are elusive.

The Justice Department says the company is on a "fishing expedition."

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