The anonymous message board houses some of the most controversial content online. Here’s a look behind its rise in influence.

The tech giant, in a tectonic shift, is diversifying beyond hardware into services — and paying stars more than $1 million an episode.

To experts in online extremism, the continuing celebration on the Internet message board 8chan of last week's slaughter in New Zealand echoes another brand of terrorism — that carried out by Islamic militants who've long used the Web to mobilize followers and incite violence. The persistence of the talk of violence on 8chan has led some experts to call for tougher actions by the world’s governments.

The food industry is adjusting to an influx of robots. The latest example is Briggo, a fully automated, robotic coffee machine that can push out 100 cups of coffee in a single hour –– the equivalent of what three to four baristas can do, according to the company. The machine gives customers control over ingredients, espresso shots, flavorings and temperature without any human interaction.

The latest date for the first test of Boeing's Starliner capsule was to be in April, which was already pushed back repeatedly. Now that first flight — a test mission without any astronauts on board — is going to be delayed to at least August, according to two officials with knowledge of the situation.

Agency head dismayed by new delay, but “Senate Launch System” has strong political support.

Facebook on Thursday said that it had left "hundreds of millions" of its users' passwords exposed in plain text, potentially visible to the company employees, marking another major privacy and security headache for a tech giant already under fire for mishandling people's personal information.

Users flagged the video of the New Zealand terror attack after it streamed live, which may have delayed Facebook's response, the company said.

Nunes filed a lawsuit seeking $250 million in damages and to unmask the identity of the users behind @DevinCow and @DevinNunesMom.

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The iPad Mini is mighty once again, and updated AirPods give Siri a whole new way to misunderstand what you said.

According to the game's chief designer, grappling-hooks and white-knuckle fighting will highlight one of the year's most anticipated releases.

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In the college admissions scheme that captured the public’s attention last week, prison consultants saw an opportunity. Part fixer and part therapist, their jobs range from soothing exaggerated fears about sexual assault and answering the basic questions about hygiene (i.e. “How do I use the bathroom federal prison?”) to strategies for how a client might adopt for managing their business while they’re behind bars.

Scooters and bikeshare, self-driving promises and lawsuits requiring better treatment of drivers could all stand in the way.

The plan is part of a $900 million investment to reshape Ford's manufacturing operations in its home state.

The new punishment adds to Google’s costly headaches in Europe, where it's now been fined three times for a series of antitrust violations.

New details reveal just how quickly the video spread across the world and rocketed out of tech companies' control.

President Trump on Tuesday sharply criticized Facebook, Google and Twitter for allegedly censoring conservatives, accusing them of "collusion" and a "hatred they have for a certain group of people who happen to be in power."

The platform, which runs on Chrome and Google data centers, envisions a new way to play video games.

The loss of digital artifacts highlights the impermanence of the Web, and the ease with which files and posts that helped define Internet culture and history can be so readily discarded.

The spiraling conflict could throw the $50 billion car company further into uncertainty and imperil Musk’s ability to remain as company chief.

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