Tech companies are deciding between user convenience and potential damage to their brands.

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The 18-year-old New Yorker claims he “was forced to respond to multiple false allegations" in several states, causing him severe stress and damaging his reputation.

Speedgate is a sport that was designed with the help of artificial intelligence in Oregon. The machine intelligence initially suggested the sport include exploding frisbees and underwater relays.

The move marks a major setback for what was the most highly anticipated new mobile device in years.

The Sri Lankan government’s decision to shutter access to social-media sites after Sunday’s deadly bombings may mark a turning point in how countries around the world perceive Silicon Valley -- and their willingness act to stop the spread of falsehoods online.

The setback comes as the company is preparing to fly NASA astronauts for the first time.

Sealed documents, obtained as part of a trial between the two tech giants, offer a rare window into the decision-making process of one of the most secretive and powerful companies on the planet.

Federal regulators investigating Facebook for mishandling its users’ personal information have set their sights on the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, exploring his past statements on privacy and weighing whether to seek new, heightened oversight of his leadership.

Encryption has become available to almost anyone since the Snowden leaks showed the vulnerability of modern communication. That fact was on display as special counsel Robert Mueller explained why he couldn't get to the bottom of some well known Trump-Russia contacts.

U.S. robotics company Boston Dynamics has debuted a new promotional video showing its four-legged dog-like robot, SpotMini, pulling a box truck. The video shows off the machine's physical prowess ahead of a potential commercial launch later this year.

Qualcomm is now alone at the top of the 5G chip market.

Facebook said it may have uploaded email contacts of 1.5 million new users since May 2016, in another privacy-related issue faced by the social media company.

French officials say a robot named Colossus played a crucial role in saving the Notre Dame from complete destruction. The robot is part of a new wave of firefighting machines that are being used to keep people out of harms way when fires break out.

The announcement could end the state-owned carrier's 8-year effort to gain access to U.S. customers.

U.S. robotics company Boston Dynamics teased the commercial launch of its four-legged robot SpotMini with a video tethered of 10 of them pulling a truck across the Boston Dynamics car park in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The game's director believes the world's "Freakosystem" will help transcend in a crowded field of similar titles.

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Builders will look to cutting-edge technology - like 3-D scans, robots, and video games - to return the ancient Notre Dame to its glorious past.

Uber acknowledged Monday that it modified some of its electric bikes recently after the company encountered a braking problem similar to the one that prompted rival Lyft to recall its own electric bikes in several cities over the weekend.

The trial's outcome could affect how the spoils of innovation are distributed, upending the incentives and business models for companies that usher in new technologies.

As images of the iconic spire falling to the streets played on YouTube, “information panels” appeared below the videos appearing to link it to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

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