ICE’s use of the vast database offers another example of how government agencies have targeted commercial sources to access information they are not authorized to compile on their own. One researcher called it “a massive betrayal of people’s trust": “When you sign up for electricity, you don’t expect them to send immigration agents to your front door.”

I thought Pokémon should break up with Game Freak. Then they announced "Arceus."

Millions of workers, students and families facing poverty and other hardship during the coronavirus pandemic soon will be able to obtain up to $50 each month in credits.

The Echo Show 10 tracks your movement to make sure you’re always in the frame on video calls. But it also doubles as a surveillance camera inside your home.

Google sister Verily was touted early in the pandemic as a promising coronavirus testing option.

The game is dead, but its ideas should live on.

The partnership also raises possibilities about the future of chart-topping music on gaming streams.

From "Stardew Valley" to "Persona 5's" Tokyo to "Hades" itself, here's a guide to five can’t-miss video game ‘vacation’ destinations.

Space enthusiasts, including NASA, see enormous benefit in the shift — a new era of space exploration that will usher in a more capable and efficient space industry. But the changing dynamic also has left NASA with an uncertain role.

The ban, which also affects Facebook subsidiary Instagram, extends a series of actions in recent years to sharply limit the ability of the nation’s military, called the Tatmadaw, to use the platforms in any way, including through paid advertising.

Rebekah Mercer, a daughter of a major Republican donor, is a founding investor of Parler, where she reportedly is pulling strings. Mercer holds the majority stake in Parler and controlled two of three board seats as of early February — a board to which she recently appointed allies.

The Musou genre may be repetitive, but that's the point.

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) called the lack of production capacity “a dangerous weak spot in our economy and in our national security.”

California can begin enforcing its first-in-the-nation law after a federal judge on Tuesday ruled against broadband providers that had sought to scuttle the open-Internet safeguards.

Facebook agreed to restore news pages after it said it had reached a favorable deal with the Australian government late Monday.

The billionaire entrepreneur said he was selling his house and possessions. It was only the beginning.

This time, you'll only have to deal with one wire to connect the headset to your PlayStation unit.

NASA on Monday released stunning, high-definition footage of its car-size rover landing on the Martian surface last week, the first time that a spacecraft’s landing on Mars has been recorded in video.

Hyundai's joint venture with Aptiv is testing driverless cars on public streets. A fleet of robotaxis could soon follow.

Imagine a traditional sport just breaking the game once every six months.

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