The multiple meanings of emoji are not always readily grasped.


“Any content - including comments - that endangers minors is abhorrent and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube," the company said.

A Denver fast food restaurant has turned its drive through lane over to an artificially intelligent machine. The new employee is the latest sign that machines are already filling fast food jobs traditionally staffed by people.

No, that's literally his name.

It's not really a thing yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a phone that opens up like a book into a tablet. The Washington Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler has the details.

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 has a hole for the camera. Its Galaxy Fold closes up like a book. Is that enough to reignite sales? Our tech columnist takes a first look.

The Washington Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler gets a first look at three of Samsung’s newest Galaxy phones. They’re packing some technology you have to see to believe, including holes in the screen for camera lenses and invisible fingerprint readers.

The Federal Trade Commission is under pressure to issue a steep fine and other sharp penalties against Facebook to prove that it’s able to keep Silicon Valley in check, privacy advocates and congressional lawmakers say.

EMarketer expects companies to spend nearly $130 billion on digital ads, compared with about $110 billion on traditional advertisements.

A massive fraud operation affects potentially millions of Android users, according to Oracle researchers.

Microsoft said it had found and attempted to disrupt a "spear-phishing" attack by Russian intelligence aimed at groups that had criticized Russia.

Nearly 1 in 10 mobile connections in North America will be served by 5G by 2022, according to Cisco.

Imagine a highly sophisticated body armor that is tough — a shield that consists largely of water, but is strong enough to prevent mechanical penetration — while being flexible enough for a wearer to...

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Exclusive: A new study finds bugs in five of the most-popular password managers. So how is it safe to keep all your eggs in one basket?

In a series of interviews with Western news outlets, Ren Zhengfei is disputing allegations of cooperating with the Chinese government and cast U.S. legal action as "politically motivated."

Lawmakers on Sunday said Facebook had "violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws" in the country, stressing that the U.K. government should open investigations into the social media giant's business practices.

The expert on child psychology described the proposal as a restriction similar to limiting drugs or alcohol.

Lead producer Mike Gamble chats at length with The Washington Post about the heralded game, which releases Feb. 22.

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Facebook’s actions and public statements are facing inquiries from several federal agencies regarding the mishandling of millions of users’ personal data.

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