In a statement Monday, Apple said it expects iPhone shortages because manufacturing of the phone has been slower than expected. In addition, store closures in China have dampened demand for Apple products.

Here's what we know, and what we don't, about a long-rumored, much-leaked battle royale mode.

Monday’s launch went off smoothly, the company said, and its booster fell back through the atmosphere, slowing itself down by refiring its engine. But a camera on board the floating platform, known as an autonomous spaceport droneship, showed that the booster did not touch down.

The Department of Defense originally had opposed Commerce’s recommendation to tighten restrictions on sales to Huawei, saying it would ultimately hurt U.S. semiconductor companies, which the Pentagon relies on to help produce cutting-edge military tech.

Criminal charges will be dropped against former FitBit employees who were accused of stealing trade secrets from their former employer.

The league’s statement is a start to solving the logistical challenges brought on by the virus.

Once thought impossible, SpaceX is on the verge of its 50th landing of a booster rocket after launch, a milestone that has helped convince the space industry that ditching rocket boosters into the ocean, the practice for decades, is an expensive waste of a perfectly good vehicle.

Several small studios won over big-budget favorites.

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From Stardew Valley to Mass Effect, love stories find their place within the fictional worlds of video games.

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Democrats are using iPads and a ‘caucus calculator.’

How Google, Apple and others are showing a shifting global landscape.

Prosecutors also detailed new allegations about the tech giant’s business ties to North Korea.

Tesla disclosed a new SEC subpoena in a financial filing Thursday.

The prescription drug is widely used in competitions, according to current pros, but solutions to curb its use create a series of tricky questions.

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The Game Developers conference attracts game design talent from all over the world. Strict immigration prevented two Pakistani women from attending.

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Justice Department officials were in Palo Alto to hear their concerns.

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Against all odds, the Sonic movie is very good.

How to take advantage of America's first broad data privacy law, the California Consumer Privacy Act — even if you don't live in California.

Socialist Kshama Sawant unveils a proposal to tax big business, focusing her criticism on the ecommerce giant criticized by local politicians and presidential candidates.

"Do we wanna be Las Vegas, or do we want to be worldwide, highly respected creators of entertainment products customers can trust?”

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