Russia conducted a “continued and sustained” disinformation campaign against Europe’s recent parliamentary elections, the European Union reported Friday in the latest sign that Russia’s high-tech efforts to influence democratic votes have not slowed down.

A Brenda and John Romero-made mob game, a 'pinbrawler' and other smaller games not to be missed.

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Analysts and industry observers say they could see the automaker being sold or relegated to the status of a "niche" automaker.

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Tech companies must suddenly focus on lobbyists instead of engineers.

This week Uber announced plans to begin testing the first-ever commercial application of drone food delivery in high-density urban areas, joining companies like Amazon and Google that are seeking to make make unmanned commercial deliveries using the same technology.

Finding the game bewildering at first is a testament to how well the game succeeds on its own terms.

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From "CyberPunk 2077" to "Luigi's Mansion 3," there were plenty of titles to get excited about.

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YouTube's removal of thousands of videos and channels featuring Holocaust denial and Nazi ideologies offended a wide array of would-be supporters of its new hate speech policy.

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The altered videos could sway an election.

Two decades after Congress tried to wall off the worst of the Internet in hopes of protecting the privacy and innocence of children, the ramparts lie in ruins.

The app, which says it has 200 million users worldwide, has been widely used in Hong Kong to coordinate demonstrations against a controversial extradition bill.

Facebook said they will not take down a video of Mark Zuckerberg created using artificial intelligence, called a "deepfake."

Researchers fear it is only a matter of time before the AI-generated fake videos are deployed for maximum damage — to sow confusion, fuel doubt or undermine an opponent, potentially on the eve of a White House vote.

"Deepfakes" have changed the idea that seeing is believing - and could have a huge impact on how future political campaigns unfold.

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Ro Khanna is drafting legislation.

Matt Furie has been enforcing his copyrights to stop right-wing figures from profiting off his creation.

Nine states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit Tuesday to block the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, believing that the combination of the country’s third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers would threaten competition and harm consumers.

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They’re seizing on the antitrust moment in Washington.

CBP says photos of travelers have been compromised as part of a “malicious cyber-attack,” raising concerns over how expanding surveillance efforts could imperil privacy.

What’s face recognition at the airport really about? Immigration policy and efficiency.

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