Pre-orders are open on the 4G version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire after the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval for the device to operate on U.S. networks, Reuters reported Thursday.

Amazon had to put disclaimers on pages selling the devices, announced in September, to indicate that they were pending FCC approval. As expected, the news comes with plenty of time for Amazon to meet its target launch date of Nov. 20.

The devices are direct competitors to Apple’s iPad line, escalating a battle between the technology industry’s largest companies in the tablet space.

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple are all making big holiday pushes for their tablets. Each have been aggressively building out their software and content partnerships for movies, books, TV shows and music to offer customers a compelling reason to buy their tablets and lock in to their content systems.

Amazon has seen a lot of success in the smaller tablet market with the 7-inch version of the Kindle Fire. Last month, Amazon launched a remade version of the Fire with an HD screen for $199. It also launched an 8.9-inch, WiFi only version of the Kindle Fire for $299.

The 4G version of the Kindle Fire has an 8.9-inch screen and starts at $499. A 64 GB version of the tablet will cost $599. Buying the tablet without advertising will add $15 to the tablet’s cost.

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